I’m not sure if that was the only thing that make it work Seems like I get back here every few months Try to check that your user is in plugdev group. This file contains id vendor list of devices you want to connect. How did you find out what adb reports as device id?

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To find the right one connect your smartphone to the computer and run lsusb in the terminal. And also, if you don’t know how to quit the user – use exit. In Archlinux this can happen occasionally.

The USB ID Repository

The name of the group you decide to use is unimportant as long as your user is a member of that group. Stop throwing “sudo” in front d020 everything, it has huge security implications.

Deepti Kohli 1, 10 6. For those wondering 18c1 to do this Defined in what cases I need to run these commands. In which you can record the launch of these commands.


The idVendor value is set in software and therefore it depends on the ROM. If this is required, your system is misconfigured.

You can see your identifiers using dmesg or lsusb. I am using a Samsung galaxy nexus phone Android 4. Then restart adb server and replug your device. When more vendors created more devices – 18×1 developers just kept adding more IDs to the rules file.

What works for me is to kill and start the adb server again. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

This run adb as root administrator and it is NOT supposed to run like that!!!

Now enter the following command: Santosh Joshi 2, 3 26 List of devices attached???????????? Plug out the Android device and reconnect it again. Follow the instructions at http: Clearly this may be more permissive than you want there may be more devices attached than just this onebut you get the idea.

Chinthaka Senanayaka 19 1. Only missing step to see it working is adb kill-server before adb devices. I am developing Android app on Ubuntu linux OS. Everything running 18v1 root can do anything in your system, if it creates or modify a file can change its permission to be only used by root. Where we press on “Add” and write our command: Enter the following commands: Babken Vardanyan 3, 4 32 Email Required, but never shown.


Linux for Shamu | Nexus 6

Now you can perform “adb devices” in your account. I had the same problem, the solution is as fellow: Worked like a 18c1 As for the specific thing that OP did wrong in his question – it was not reloading the udev rules after editing the.

Prefect this only correct way.