The process used to create the scrambled message is called an encryption algorithm. Log on to the console of the server as a domain administrator. K Create an Emergency Repair Disk for your system. The client can now install SmartSuite 97 by accessing Install. In the Data Exchange Settings dialog box, choose Public for both selections.

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Supported Configurations Be sure to check with your administrator to get the latest information about supported configurations, including PeopleSoft versions, Windows versions, and Citrix MetaFrame versions.

Procedures Manual to start the program for the first time and perform initial setup procedures such as creating a company, adding users, and setting user access. Using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view and search the documentation electronically or print it for easy reference. As an applet, the Java client can be embedded in a Web page, like the Web plug-in clients. Configuring the Target Computer for Debugging. Select Program Group and proceed with workstation installation.

PCI Hardware Supported by NetBSD

You must know the server name, the client name, and the password. United States export policy regarding encryption has been known to ah for export of stronger data keys to subsidiaries of North American based financial institutions. If you did a file server or network distribution install of 9240u Lotus Notes Workstation for Windows program, net use the directory on the network, change to the Notes public directory, and run the install program.


From a MetaFrame session, verify that a user without administrative rights can repeat Steps 1—7. Netscape Communicator Version 4.

If multiple PeopleTools instances access the same set of cache data, you could experience application exception errors. Some applications offer the option of doing a network installation.

K The Microsoft Web site at http: Click Apply and then Close.

Storage (Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 1/01 Hardware Compatibility List)

This additional security can be configured for remote control logons sessions and remote access logons RAS. Repeat Steps 1—7 for each RocketModem. For a domain user account, open Active Directory Users and Computers. In the User Properties dialog box, click the Sessions tab.

Connect the modem ports to phone ports. Complete the installation and exit Setup. As your user base grows, you can purchase license packs from Citrix to expand your user count. Some application notes in this guide were ataoi by third parties and are noted as such.

After the file loads, expand the Forms directory in the upper right side window.

All other Trade Names referred to are the Servicemark, Trademark, or Registered Trademark of the respective manufacturers. After the eXceed client software is installed, double-click the Xconfig icon in the eXceed program group.


It ensures bandwidth-independent performance with any type of network protocol or connection, and offers unique features for enhanced application management and security. K Bit Windows Application Availability. Program Neighborhood provides complete administrative control over application access and local desktop integration. This section describes how to add support for a new modem to the MetaFrame server and client systems.

When you publish applications, user access to those applications is greatly simplified atai three areas: Instead of requiring client users to have knowledge of the Windows NT 4. Run it on your database server or on a separate server.

Storage Controllers and Peripherals

Server farms let you centralize your control over the application deployment process by grouping Citrix servers into a single administrative unit. Select a configuration from the connectivity matrix above and set up a supported client configuration. It is recommended that you create an administrative user specifically for Lotus Notes on the MetaFrame server that will run the Lotus Notes Server.