Write a comment below. The Albatron board uses a rather impressive cooler system. The Intel iPE chipset officially brings DDR support to the table, and if you are lucky enough to be able to afford a new 3. Acoustically, Albatron have opted to equip the board with on board 5. To top things off, Albatron have also made attempts to cozy up to consumers by pricing their products very aggressively; they’re not always the least expensive on the market, but they usually do offer some of the best value around.

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If you have a large ATX case with the Floppy disk up high, some floppy cables may not reach properly. Or perhaps that’s just my impressions of what 3Com ought to be bringing to the table.

What is the final word? Add three more megahertz to that and that px845pevv where we hit the wall.

Ships with the following: Albatron uses a small ATX form factor motherboard measuring mm x mm. With sound quality similar to the SB Live!

Albatron PXPEV iPE Motherboard Review –

I complained about it last time and I’ll complain about it again, the floppy drive connector is in a bad location. The engineers involved in laying out the components on this board would have done well to place the FDD connector alongside the IDE connectors.


This keeps the bulky cable from obstructing the heatsink alhatron fan assembly. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. As a consumer there isn’t anything to be done about this, but if you have a large case kan should know the possible limitations.

The following controllers are integrated: The Albatron board uses a rather impressive cooler system. Location of the IDE connectors are placed quite sensibly, however, the floppy disk connector is in a rather obscure position. Relocation to the same area as the 20 pin connector would suffice. This way it is less likely that the cables will not get in the way of any expansion cards. From the beginning Albatron have embraced the overclocking community, and it’s nice to see them continue the tradition on their first anniversary.

Albatron has built into the fan, three LED’s that blink in a random order. Ships with the following: With it located at the very bottom of the motherboard, users with full tower cases like the Inwin Q will have big problems getting the drive and motherboard connected. You can find products similar to this one for sale below.

Albatron Technology PX845PEV-800 User Manual

Albatron has given the Anniversary edition board a few extras on the top. Because the iPE generates a lot of heat at high bus speeds, I was extremely happy to see Albatron included an actively cooled copper heatsink.


Write a comment below. With the albbatron locked in, it won’t accidentally come loose in the socket while the power is on.

The sliding lock seems to be much better than the older lever type AGP lock, and it’s easier to lqn. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Albatron use a newer type of AGP sliding lock to secure those several-hundered-dollar videocards in place. Since January this Taiwanese company have really taken the hardware community by storm.

Albatron PX845PEV-800 Anniversary Edition Motherboard Review

The Intel iPE chipset officially brings DDR support to the table, and if you are lucky enough to be able to afford a new 3. For a new company in a highly competitive market such as mainboards this says a lot. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Brief characteristics of the board: Incidently, the sound card also comes with a game controller port. Albatron are known for a more liberal package to reduce costs, this time however, the packaging is of what you would expect from ASUS or ABIT – well packed with features considering it is a value board.

Its functions are shown on the textolite.