I went the barely-safer route than completely disabling SIP and only disabled it for Kernel Extensions. USE Very easy to use. Hey Joshua, Is there any chance you could upload the. Deepak Rao January 17, I hope this helps all you legacy users out there: This didnt work and spat out an error- but a bit of googling around for that error made me realise that I had to be in Recovery Mode to run that command and also not use “” quotes!! The manual isn’t perfect.

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Sp4zc0r3 December 05, What I like the most is the ease of use, the different inputs and its particularly short latency time. And then the connectors for the photo will tell you everything.

Can anyone share the AlesisFirewire. Neither the control panel nor system config shows my MultiMix 12 FW at all.

Sascha Dobschal January 19, For the rest of the details go to Alesis’ website. If it helps – I followed the following processes in this order: This is my kext file from my Mac running same Sierra Connected via firewire to a laptop you can retrieve the separate tracks for analysis or mixing.


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The only thing I need to carry by hand are the mic stands. Now works a treat.

Tons of compatibility issues even with major plugin manufacturers such as avid, native instruments With mca preamps and 8 inputs there’s plenty to do if you get creative. Mmac love to have the controls within easy reach and not to be forced to change windows on Cubase to increase or decrease the volume and change other settings.

I had it working before my laptop updated, but now the AlesisFirewire Control Panel doesn’t see the board, and neither does the Mac control panel.

William Clawson June 09, It pretty simple to setup. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


Hi im trying to set the alesis multimix 16 firewire up with ableton live on Ableton 9, do you know apesis to do this?

Manual level, I have not had need, but to have it slip it looks clear. I have yet to sufficiently test the equalizer to speak I record my drums, aleiss also vocals, grand pianos, bass, acoustic and electric guitar The only drawback is that it doesn’t have “mutes” on the channels.

I’m sorry I’ve nothing more concrete to offer, it sounds like you’ve done everything OK. I still have my macbook pro running Lion as I can’t use any of the free upgrades, it will stop my desk from working! Thanks a lot everyone! I bought a USB version and was not happy with the enlarged size or unnecessary extra features The extra mid control on two channels looked neat, but I really don’t need it.


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The driver I used is available from the Alesis site at http: Havent load alessis it yet but I have both Cubase 7. How would you rate the product’s value for money? I hope this helps all you legacy users out there: This review was originally published on http: I disabled the SIP but the io26 still didnt work but then found this thread, downloaded the Kext app, dragged the Alesis kext file over and plugged mc io26 back in and BOOM!!

So I hope it proves successful for you too.