The upgrade is available free of charge to registered users who have purchased their units after July 1, Overall, the Alesis QS7 is a unique instrument that definitely holds a place in the history of synthesizers. And since it’s 64 voices polyphonic, you can arrange some pretty complex and complete music, from full orchestras to trance dance tracks, beats and sfx heaven! Manual Alesis have made manuals and program charts for many of their products available on-line, for free download as. Sound Bridge also allows the ability to playback standard midi files which have been transferred to RAM cards.

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The manual for the Alesis QS7 is pretty complete and is definitely good to have around while you are trying to learn this powerful instrument. It is easy to toggle between all types of sounds, but will take a little while to understand all the ins and outs of this keyboard.

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It takes awhile to learn how to navigate, but fairly easy once mastered. There’s an onboard multi-effects processor based on the QuadraVerb 2 with four totally discrete effects busses that include reverb, delay, rotary speaker simulation, distortion, chorus and much more. For the QS6, Version 2. My friend s think this sound is from the Alesis Quadrasynth series and once again, not QS I’ve heard this sound somewhere and I want The QS7 also implements the powerful QS Modulation Matrix, allowing users to assign virtually any controller source to any modulation parameter.


The QS7’s strong all-metal chassis is designed for use both in studios and on the road. Request a new review. It uses digital ROM samples 16MB of sounds containing a library of programs and multitimbral mixes.

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Keyboard – 76 velocity and aftertouch sensitive, semi-weighted, synth-action. I’ve been nodding my head over this one sound.

Our members also liked: Not satisfied with those reviews? Go to synthesizers Alesis. Polyphony – 64 voices. For the flagship model, look no further than the Alexis.

This is when a good daw comes in hand. The keyboard spans about four and a half octaves and has both pitch and modulation wheels. I really love the sounds of this Rompler synth. Polyphony – 64 Voices with dynamic voice allocation. Multitimbral – 16 parts. These features include the partitioning of cards in order to store samples, sysex, and standard midi files on the same card.


Very sturdy build quality, I have had mine for years with no problems. Slesis can play Standard MIDI file sequences from the expansion cards without the use of an external sequencer.

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The Alesis QS7 is a frequency modulation based digital synthesizer. A,esis board effects, based on the Alesis Q2 FX processor: Good lfo’s and envelops. Images from Perfect Circuit Audio.

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