The flat Watt power supply gets very hot under load. Dark areas in movies or games appear less gray than on substandard panels. For a true black however, the value would have to be still lower, under 0. The pleasant gumming on lid and wrist rest amplifies the positive overall impression. In spite of slight clacking sounds the noise level of the Blu Ray drive is fine too. Interface selection, including 4x USB 3.

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If opening the lid with one hand, expect the base unit to follow to a small degree. E4 angles Alienware M17x R4. Above the keyboard, toward the right, there’s a handy row of buttons to control multimedia functions, activation of the WiFi radio and ejecting optical media, as well as opening the command center. Solid state drives and Raid arrays can be configured.

The keyboard is quieter than a lot of competitors’ keyboards. Having four USB 3.

Alienware M17x R4 Notebook Review

There are almost no visual changes since the wlienware revision. A window or any other light source will quickly turn into a nuisance. The Elder Scrolls V: Black Ops Our experience with gestures was excellent. Thanks to its illumination and slightly receded position, the touch pad was always easy to recognize in total darkness.


Alienware M17x R4 Notebook Review – Reviews

Battlefield 3 – x ultra AA: Dirt 3 – x Ultra Preset AA: External speakers or headphones are not absolutely mandatory though. Battery Runtime WiFi Surfing. This is readily visible with RAM. Apart from an additional grating at the bottom, the Notebook remains untouched externally.

StarCraft 2 – x ultra sort by value. Overall, a CPU upgrade is hardly worth it. We liked the version 7. Disappointingly aliwnware has happened over the last few months and Nvidia can only smirk about its competitor’s lack of progress. What would an Alienware notebook be without a rich set of accessories?

Skyrim – x Ultra Preset AA: We’ll ignore the various software and support options for the moment. The finger feel and ease of gliding are excellent.

The 20 available colors should include something for every taste. Maximum details and high resolutions at x rarely bring this GPU to its limits.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Power saving mechanisms seem to lack optimization at the moment.


Enduro causes worse performance. Even Battlefield 3, which brought every notebook GPU to its limits in the past, ran well enough with the “Ultra” preset and aliebware resolution. The 17″ screen is also available in several variations.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Deus Ex Human Revolution Even though the Manufacturer loads up the notebook with diverse programs and tools, it doesn’t feel slow upon delivery. The matte finish makes the base unit relatively resistant to contamination.