Focus Mapping While only one software control can be manipulated at a time by a single hardware control, a hardware control can be linked to any number of software controls, based on context, using Focus mapping. Some kind of lag sometimes. I can vouch for the fact that Azslow’s plugin and the preset he developed for the Alphatrack – with a teeny tiny bit of help from me, testing as it went along since he didn’t have a device – works a charm. I have a touch screen. Works here in W10pro as well. Essentials Only Full Version.

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Find More Posts by musicbynumbers. Good to hear tenfoot. To see this difference, open the interface for any virtual instrument or effect.

Frontier AlphaTrack on Windows 10 –

It’s a shame it’s discontinued as it seems the only product to replace it is the Faderport which seems inferior. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I have one and it works. KingsMix tenfoot Faderport working perfectly in win10 here. A second way to link hardware and software controls is: I’ll try and check later if I did or not. To customize the control map, click on the Wrench icon, which opens the control list. I make some videos. I’ve heard quieter ones, I’ve heard louder ones.


In MIDI Learn mode, you can see a description box beneath each control, with an arrow in the upper left corner.

That control should appear in the right parameter window. Sonar PlatinumStudio One 3.

Questions & Answers

Wundows Performer is a registered trademark of Mark of the Unicorn Inc. Also, how does it compare to the Faderport? Yep, got it going now, found something on the Sonar forum.

AlphaTrack connects to your computer using just a single USB cable. KingsMix Max Output Level: For instance, a hardware knob might be linked to a software knob in an EQ plug-in that is in Focus. This means the same Control Link functions described previously in this chapter for virtual software instruments are now available for controlling and even automating your hardware instrument.

The AlphaTrack seems to have a scribble strip so you can see which track you are working on, but it seems to be a blind process with the Faderport. I finally got my AlphaTrack today. I have my alphatrack working fine on 8.


The parameter shows up in the left Parameter window, just like any virtual software instrument parameter. Faderport working perfectly in win10 here.

AlphaTrack also has three touch-sensitive encoders, a feature previously found only on high-end gear costing thousands of dollars. Frontier Alphatrack in Windows 8.

Related questions Are there shortcuts alphatracj the mute and solo within Studio one? Clearly we’re up to 5r4b Control maps only apply to the plug-in window that is in Focus.

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support

Works here in W10pro as well. Choose one of the object types and notice the graphic change for that control. When using predefined keyboard devices, it is not possible to map new controls for the device.