It is endowed with several attributes such as ability to generating green energy at low cost, ease of fabrication and yearlong availability of raw materials. The refined castor and neem seed oils was mixed thoroughly at a ratio of It is concluded that in order to avoid building collapse in future, construction of high-rise buildings is unadvisable in the study area. VES curves were interpreted quantitatively by using the technique of partial curve matching and with 1D forward modeling by means of computer using WinResist software. The least incidence of cancer risk obtained in this study is 1:

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Subsequently, the 8e70 pressure exerted on the wall of the digester container was determined. This measured parameter indicates the extents of dissolved ions present in the herbal soap materials that when releases nourishes the skin on use.

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume , – IOPscience

The coefficients of determination were found to be 0. A market survey was carried out to determine the willingness of citizens who possess buying power, to purchase this product.

Geoelectrical resistivity surveys have been carried out using Schlumberger configuration within the Iyana Iyesi area of Ota, Ogun state. The overall ratings of the fuel properties of the six wood samples in terms of their average ranking were obtained as 3. Water samples from Hadejia River apyi the north eastern part of Nigeria were studied in order to ascertain the suitability and radiological safety of water from the river for human consumption.

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Effects of suspended water droplets SWD and aptti ice crystals SIC which constitute clouds are major concern in the design and successful operation of satellite communication system at frequencies w870 3GHz because the hydrometeors reduces the services availability critically as frequency increases.


The blended ratios were synthesized separately through epoxidation and transesterification reactions to satisfactorily remove glycerol and unsaturation and form an epoxy in the triglycerides of the mixture. Results of previous researches are discussed and these include the thermal properties of various proposed heat storage and heat transfer materials such as the heat capacity, latent heat capacity, melting point, thermal conductivity and maximum temperature of stability.

Zpti Aspen Hysys version 8. Finally, it was observed that region of high resistivity was prone to higher level of radiation, which could be as a result of some radioactive geological features in the subsurface.

The minimum approach temperature, composite curve, grand composite curve and the grid diagram representation are all series of steps employed in the methodology to achieve minimal area targeting using the Aspen Hysys.

The alumina was leached from kaolinite clay using hydrochloric acid while the eggshell was from chicken. The major materials used in the research are from renewable sources because the research focuses on addressing issues associated with renewable energy and the environment.

Table of contents

The Doctor blade method of application of TiO 2 photoanode using ethanol as precursor and high temperature sintering reveals diverse spectral responses in the efficiency of the DSCs with the most efficient B. FT-IR spectrophotometric analysis indicated the presence of some specific functional groups in the phytochemicals which were adsorbed on the surface of nanoparticles. This study suggest that some bottled water factories should be sited in zones that are safer from these heavy metals if Reverse Osmosis machine for proper removal of these trace elements from the raw water is not in use for water treatment.

Over time, scientists have studied the potential of peptides as nutraceuticals by measuring their bio functionalities. Physicochemical analysis of the oil indicateda saponification value Knowledge of tropospheric scintillation is an important phenomenon in the design of satellite communication system.

Therefore, the need for accurate determination of viscosity for oil and gas applications cannot be overemphasized. From the result, it was discovered that the Karasawa model gives the lowest percentage error rate for both fade and enhancement of about 0. Temperature and humidity are the most significant weather parameters in human development. A total of twenty seven 15 tropical hardwoods from south western Nigerian environment were analyzed and six 6 major elements C, O, N, Na, S, Cl were identified.


Radioactivity in soil occurs naturally due to the presence of U, Th and 40 K. Arijaje Theophilus and Akinpelu Akinwumi. Abstract This study focused on planning materials supply for construction works.

The highest purity of From the obtained results, it was inferentially observed that the radio signals was having inverse relationship with the air temperature, atmospheric pressure and the relative humidity; aapti the assumption that for any of the aforementioned meteorological variables, the others were observed constant.

Thus, these concentrations in dust can be distributed indoors and outdoors in order of magnitudes. The data acquired was interpreted qualitatively and quantitatively. Abstract Crude oil viscosity is one of a;ti most important fluid properties that affects fluid flow behavior; either in pipeline hydraulics or in the porous media reservoir.

VLF-EM results revealed Type-1 fracture along traverse 1, traverses 2 to 4 showed no fracture but a fairly competent bedrock. The general s870 of the station cloud attenuation model is stated and the specific model equation is been worked on. The exerted stress on the digester by the produced biogas was determined using a tri-axial quarter-bridge strain gage rectangular rosette, carefully fixed to the external surface of the plastic digester.

Optical measurements were carried out using Uv-vis spectrophotometer and photoluminescence PL.