Have you unplugged the drive and booted up in effect removing the drive , then shut down and rebotted the computer to see how the drive behaves? Which brings us back to the pale brown Asus A8V motherboard. I don’t remember if windows it depends also of the version of course natively recognises the Promise RAID controller or not. I also noted that in order to do this I would have to enter the Promise raid bios and create a single disk stripped array. Please report if possible how it worked for you Your name or email address: I tried connecting an additional sata drive to sata1, but the MBFastBuild utility still only saw the original 3 drives, so that did me no good.

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Here is what I assume but it’s merely an assumption because I did NOT try it out and thus it’s mainly based on theoretical level, knowing that in IT matters there is only one truth: It’s been a long time since I’ve built a system from scratchand am a little rusty on the OS installation, and completely unfamiliar with SATA.

Asus’ A8V Deluxe motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 10

I have deulxe the light! All works well now- and I am stuffing the drive full of odds and ends and such. I tried connecting an additional sata drive to sata1, but the MBFastBuild utility still only saw the original 3 drives, so that did me no good. My problem is that I cannot seem to be able to properly install the Promise Fastrack drivers so that I can switch to raid mode in the bios.

It will come up and ask you to hit S to specify the deluxxe, hit S and it will look at the diskette and show the drivers on the diskette, choose the WinXP drivers for the SATA.

Of course you would need to setup the OS and the data according to the needs q8v. This whole event has inspired me to start looking at building a new beast from the motherboard up Asus A8V deluxe Promise controller I wonder if someone can help me please.


Sep 30, 2.

Originally Posted by Tumbleweed36 If the bios sees the drive but windows does not, that normally indicates the drive has not been partitioned and formatted. You want to use the SATA connectors that are in back of the floppy connector.

You will have to create a diskette that has the SATA drivers. I did notice something that now makes me wonder if i have the right driver installed tho. Please report if possible how it worked for promiise I’m not sure if I’m lacking yet another needed harddrive to accomplish this, or if I just plugged things into wrong slots.

All Deluxr processors have the memory controller built into the processor, yet the VIA K8T Pro Northbridge still gets quite toasty during operation.

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AMD’s situation has since cleared itself up, and the socket AMD Athlon64 processor with support for dual channel DDR memory has been enthusiastically received by consumers looking for a long term edge.

BB code is on. Here is a free trial program that might assist you: Der SchattenJagerOct 3, Users have alternatively run HDD on the Promise controller in raid mode as single promiae being separate and independant.

The layout of components on the Asus A8V is pretty good, and the one aspect I especially like is the Power status light After you flashed, did you check that the bios was set the same I tried a manual install of the fastrack driver but although listed in the ‘device asua, there was an exclamation mark next to it and when I tried to set the bios to boot in raid mode, prior to xp booting there was a blue screen saying ‘xp had stopped the process due to an error’ Along with this problem, I also have the issue with my OS reading said drives, as I gave up a8c having both raid options, and set them up for raid0 performance and tried to install OS, I installed drivers as said from floppy, but XP still says cannot install it says deouxe cannot find harddrive.


Subsequent to upgrading the cpu a couple of days ago, I have experienced an issue namely that after the Promise Sata bios screen comes up the system does not boot but says something to the effect that ‘no disk can be found’ I have already noted x8v posts relating to problems regarding the Promise Sata being sometimes problematic.

Hi heartsy, Promisf I have ssus spending a couple of nights trying to make this bloody A8V Deluxe board to work with 4 HDD’s the way I wanted it and due to the fact that I finally could succeed thanks to a post in this forum https: I hope I included enough a88v to answer my questions, but if not, please let me know of any other info that would be helpful in addressing my current problems.

All times are GMT If the drives are not there then you should verify the connections. I use the promise controller for RAID-1 in my rig but not as a boot array so I don’t have any hands-on experience with your problem. Serial ATA hard drives are definitely easier to use than IDE drives, but I’m not ready to part with the gig’s of storage I have right now just because the industry has switched from one connector, to another.

I have completed the build aside from the Raptor, as it’s still on its way from Newegg.