But when I ran it, I got the message saying that it couldn’t find my bluetooth chip. After i scan for hardware change in the device manager the error pop up and said my driver could not be install code Especially, Apple Remote activation, screen backlight control, keyboard backlight control, etc For older Mac Books you must select i ; for Core 2 Duo Mac Books post you can select amd64 if you’re interested in running a bit OS, otherwise i may be selected. After 6 hours of research that is pretty darn stupid. I’ve also got the issue where the airplane mode switch won’t toggle off and seems to be related to the wifi issue.

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You might also want to try updating the firmware in your speakers. Feb 15, 8: Does any other BlueTooth stuff work?

Boot Camp: Apple Officially Supports Windows XP Booting on Macintel Hardware

Right-click on the volume applet and choose Preferences. If you hear your own clever sentences your voiceeverything worked.

I had a similar problem and found the solution in the following link: After I installed windows 10 manually, the flash drive that had the install files doesn’t show anything. However, there are a few issues atherps automatic dimming.


Instead type alsamixer -c 0 to get to your hardware sound device.

Windows 10 in Boot Camp | MacRumors Forums

Loner T Loner T. First you will need an alternative connection to the Internet, such as wired Ethernet.

But the problem is, every time it will say something such as ‘driver not found’ and then ask me to download a new driver. To enable stereo sound open up the terminal. I have a late Mac Mini I was thinking maybe the Broadcom driver isn’t compatible or something??

Bpot, in Ubuntu 8. You can either use edge scrolling or two-finger scrolling as in Mac OS X but you won’t generally want to use both. Note that if not using edge scrolling, the edge boundaries can probably be decreased but the edge offsets will need to be reasonable as below?

MacBook/Hardy – Community Help Wiki

Once you are there, hoot Boot Camp Assistant. MaMi is a DNS hijacker. This is a workaround to lower the drive cycles and extend the drive life. Once the new repositories have been added, and the package list reloaded, installing the new linux-generic should cammp all the necessary kernel packages from hardy, including linux-image, linux-ubuntu-modules, and linux-restricted-modules.

Once the new packages are installed, disable but don’t remove the hardy repositories, so that upgrades using apt or synaptic don’t result in a complete upgrade to hardy. Andrew Mcvinnie Andrew Mcvinnie.


Just download the above driver from the apple forum: Editing system files choose one of the following options: Substitute your speed of choice in RPM for if you wish. No, Apple has NOT released drivers for it yet.

There is also a thread about planning the Mactel documentation going on.

Windows 10 in Boot Camp

A little more afheros the point than the above link. Check Enable keyboard accessibility features. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Just download the above driver from the apple forum:. You can use suspend on disk with a swapfile. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Bpot. Also make sure the speaker is selected under the tab “Switches” of the system tray applet double click the sound system tray applet.