Normal printing occurs while the macro is defined. Changing the Receipt Paper. Be extremely careful changing any of the printer settings to avoid inadvertently changing other settings that might affect the performance of the printer. To order paper rolls, contact your sales representative or order directly from NCR at the following address or toll free number: Press the On Line button to put the printer back on-line. Printer is Busy at the RS interface. When the exception table is full, a new entry can replace an older, less frequently used entry, by merely rewriting the words for that table entry.

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Set the DIP switches back to the settings for normal operation on-line mode. If the last bit is 1, the paper feed button is disabled. Standard Pitch October Appendix B: It is driven low when the printer is ready to receive data and driven high when it cannot accept any more data.

Switch 7 is always Off. Flip The can flip a check on command. Extended Slip Table mm 7.

Two code pages will be printed. Programming Guide Alternate Implementation The alternate implementation uses the DLE 0x10 sequences as implemented on other printers. Otherwise the paper will not be printed on because the thermal coating will be on the wrong side.


If received, they are ignored and not sent to the print buffer as data. This is similar to the information printed on the receipt during the receipt test.


If the temperature of the printhead is too hot, adjust the room temperature or move the printer to a cooler location. Only one horizontal pitch is available: Check Flip Error and fraud prevention feature. Axilhm the setting exceeds the printable area, the maximum value of the printable area is used. On the receipt station, the line height equals the character height when n is too small.

Axiohm 7156 7156-4205-9001 Receipt Slip Ticket POS Printer Serial White Incl PSU

When this lone DLE byte is finally processed out of the buffer it will be interpreted as a Clear Printer command. The setting must match the letter A-H stamped on the heatsink in back of the printhead, visible by removing the top cover of the printer.

Partial cut on the Page No error condition Error condition exists in the printer Fixed to On Clear Printer Command Resets certain parameters and clears the print buffer axuohm originally defined. The printer sends an XON character when it is ready to receive data and it sends an XOFF character when it cannot accept any more data. There are two codes for this command and both perform the same function. The Axiohm IPB company is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized modification of this equipment or the substitution or attachment axiohmm connecting cables and equipment other than those specified by Axiohm IPB.


The printer processes n bytes from the next character data as bar code data.

Axiohm Receipt Slip Ticket POS Printer Serial White Incl PSU | eBay

Return Home slip Station Determine the value of n by multiplying the number of columns to move right of the current position by 10 standard pitch or 8 compressed pitch. See MICR parsing check serial number, parsing, For a complete listing of topics, see the Contents or Index.

When more than one order number is listed, the first number provides better image density. The number of logos which will fit into flash depends on the size of the definitions.

Model xxx Model xxx 5. Check that the materials shipped with the printer match. Once the printer has processed all the previous commands these commands are processed and the proper status is returned to the application. Be sure that all power is disconnected before connecting the cables.