Bit quicker for backups: Yeah, I been busy too I will try to get you the info this week as I plan on using it this week I did have a few clicks and pops at first with an old HP laptop but that was the laptop resources at fault – the newer laptop is fine. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. The only drawback is that you can’t monitor the fx on the armed track, but I usually use hardware reverb through an aux in the interface’s software mixer. For recording to your iPad you could use Auria.

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How is that done in Ub It sucks to be an idiot but I have to admit to bringing home singed tracks a few times that I just didn’t hear during the live mix. The time now is The one thing I cannot figure out is why I have no audio on playback. The truncated recording session issue has been solved by a combo of changing the PC power settings to stay on and behribger one of the capacity settings which one escapes me right now the I was able to capture a couple full sets of usable raw material to see what comes next.


I have found it better than the ASIO driver for some things, particularly playlist playback.

Auria Discussion Board

Behrnger anyone have any ideas on this? Have no idea how this set up works, doesn;t make sense to me, but hey, it does!

I have used an AUX bus and that works, but is not quite what I am after. Analog mixers were always around 0db as I recall and easy to read on the meters. Behringet can restore bheringer scene or snapshot simply and easily.

MarvioBotticelli Max Output Level: Patience is needed for the XR18, the documentation is there but takes a while to digest and you can route any signal anywhere so it is easy to get confused.

I do think you are on to something. Try iZotope clip restoration. Does apple support wavepack then? You cannot edit your posts in this forum. I have Reaper downloaded on both the mobile laptop and my home PC so I’m ready to go.

Got some mixing to do. Whilst the Asio driver isnt behrigner best I’ve ever encountered, you certainly should be able to get decent latencies – so fear not, we just need to find the gremlin in your setup!

It’s the XR18 channel gain settings that determine the actual levels hitting Reaper at least, by default. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Lots of great videos. It seems so basic. To hear the recordings back on the laptop is a little trickier and I wouldn’t normally bother with behrlnger at a gig.


XR Multitrack Input Setup Help – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Do they have a user forum? With the routing on this thing it is insane!

I use the XAir It’s definitely adding noise, little teeny low level poppy sounds constantly in the background. I see a couple things. Hope this in some small way helps. Thanks for any help.

But so far, I can’t figure out a solution to using it in a live situation with a input band like mine. You cannot create polls in this forum. I had a cheapie 4 channel behringer interface that could achieve reasonable latencies. I have not figured out yet behriner to hear back through the recording laptop but that’s minor at the moment.