Can I check fax transmission and reception logs? Specify the type dialing method of telephone line to which this machine is to be connected. I am no longer sure where exactly the speed set is in service mode, but i know its in there. It eases the operation to register a group that contains a number of destinations beforehand. We do not give operational warranty on devices other than the models supporting the function. Using this function helps to prevent wrong transmission or not forget sending of a fax.

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If you have created groups of a relay machine and the other destinations by area, you can reduce v224 total communication cost compared to the cost of broadcasting to all destinations.

You can print out transmission and reception logs as a report. Select whether to use F-Code TX. Sending a fax by timer transmission Load the original.

Configure the respective items for fax transmission, then tap [OK]. We do not give operational warranty on devices other than the models supporting the function.

Enabling/Disabling the Fax Functions

Faxing is possible without specifying a sender ID communication password. How can I avoid printing out unwanted faxes? Up to group destinations can be registered. If they do not match, the communication will fail; therefore preventing a sending error.


Sending a fax by relay distribution Load the original.

By default it’s set to Japan. How can I send a confidential or important bizub by fax? When you are connecting a telephone to this machine and share the line for the telephone and fax, we recommend that you use the following functions depending on how your telephone is used.

To enable fax transmission via a relay machine, you need to set up a relay User Box on the relay machine beforehand. To enable fax transmission to the Confidential User Box, a Confidential User Box and communications password must be set on the recipient machine. Originally Posted by emujo. Tips If dax are two lines operating, you need two modular cables.

Reports can be prepared for scan and send logs, fax communications transmission and reception logsfax transmission logs and fax reception logs. Enter the fax number for the destination using the Keypad.


However, the machine will convert the setting into the value preset in this machine instead of operating in the way you have specified. Any help much appreciated. The recipient making the request for fax transmission bears the communications fee. How can I cut down on communications fees for sending out data?

The information you registered is added to faxes to bizhbu sent and output to faxes as a sender record when being printed on receiving machines. Selecting a receiving method Methods of receiving faxes include the following: Bzhub are sent to locations with poor communication conditions at a lower baud rate. Set the date and time in this machine to have them printed on sent and received faxes.


Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting.

Operations Required to Use Fax Functions

Select addresses to register in the group from already registered one-touch destinations. Double check your Marketing Area.

In polling transmission, the sender’s machine stores loaded data in its Polling Transmission User Box and sends out the data upon request from the recipient. Select whether to require the user to enter a fax number twice to send a fax by directly entering the fax number. The maximum number of destinations that you can specify for a single transmission depends on how the destinations are set. Select [Yes] and configure the respective items for forwarding faxes.