When press short, these keys select a preset station directly. When this key is pressed it is operated as the conversion of each display mode as follow. Then press the button and detach the panel by pulling it towards you as illustrated. Limitation of Liability 1. This user guide can help you to establishing a connection with your mobile phone, You need to have a phone with embedded Bluetooth capability. Make sure that you have paired the device with your Bluetooth phone before you start to use it.

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Use of a higher amperage fuse may cause serious damage. Bluetinum Group Ltd Taiwan.

Initial installation of the unit when all wiring is completed. Figure 1 shows how control functions are selected using the SEL button. SGS declines any responsibility in the event of damages direct or indirect consecutive to any non-compliant issues that may be revealed, relating to the operations of the identified facility at any other date. When this key is pressed it is operated as the conversion of each display mode bluetootg follow. Learn more about Ge-TS at http: Press it again to resume play.

Test transmissions are being conducted in many other Bluetoot countries. Press SEL, and first directory is displayed. With releasing mute, and then searches again.

IJAK Solutions : Bluetinum

Make sure that you have paired the device with your Bluetooth phone before you start to use it. The phone can be tucked away in your pocket or in a bag while you handle incoming call and outgoing calls, and adjust the volume up or down using the button on the car player.


Answer the call by simply push the ” ” once.

It take few seconds to search for and find other bluetooth devices around you. Bluetinum Group Ltd Taiwan. Bluetioth Bluetooth device had built in DSP bluetinuum cancel technology,to minimize echo and background noice ,but pls still don’t turning the volume too high since it might interrupt with microphone and cause some echo. Bring side B of panel to side A of main unit. Do not expose this unit to direct sunlight or heat radiat-ing sources. Limitation of Liability 1.

HKICPA Under Professional Accountants Ordinance Chapter 50only firms and corporate practices of certified public accountants practising registered at the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants the “Institute” or holders or a valid practising certificate issued by the Institute are lawfully qualified to provide auditing services within the meaning of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Chapter Press again to return to previous volume level.

If pairing failed, the blue LED indication keeps flashing rapidly for 2 minutes, during the period, pls Repeat step 3 to 4 for paring again, Over 2 minutes, the blue LED will back to normal, and if a re-pairing is needed. If the fuse blows again after the replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. Test trans-missions are being conducted in many other European countries.

Perform “Bluetooth device discovery” on your mobile phone. You are also recommended to search by entering more specific keywords. Do not press hard or give excessive pressure to the display window of the front panel when attaching it to the unit.


This unit must not be exposed to moisture or rain. VOICE DIALING Voice dialing function on your phone must be turned on and voice tag must When BTB car player is in standby condition not in conversation ,Simply push 1 sec the ” will show”Phone”, then push ” once ,then CD player display again 1 sec ,it will come out “do” sound, then will prompt you to speak the voice tag that was previously stored in the phone’s voice dial phone book.

This unit is turned on by pressing any key. It can be easily attached by pressing it lightly against the unit.

Bluetinum Bluetooth Driver – driver-holy

Learn more about Panjiva at http: When TA mode is on and traffic announcement is transmitted. Compatible with all Bluetooth compatible mobilephones. Phone display will show “Bluetinum”as found and ask for your confirmation that you want ot pair it, pls confirm it, then Enter Passkey ” “default when your phone prompts your, The phone will start pair with car player, then the phone will advise that pairing has been successful, the blue LED bbluetooth flash one time per 2 secretary.

Press again to stop intro and listen to track.