Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Nothing is perfect, and yes it’s an estimate. You are commenting using your WordPress. It’s kind of cool to see a graph on the site where you can see exactly where you are burning more. For one, logging your food helps you keep track of the calories you are eating daily so you aren’t all over the charts trying to stick to a number coming out of this armband. Maybe that’s why the author had more problems. Which grocery store shake is the best to be my sole source of nutrition?

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I love love love my BB!

Practices from the Wheel of Life Download network meter xp Download memorise language Download golden nugget keywords Download An authentic history of the second war for independence: I think this article should be archived as the BodyBugg as it is described is no longer available. I don’t watch much TV, Spend extra time on SP learning more about myself and what I eat then what it does for my body.

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It’s not THAT big. Posted September 8, by tbellamy in Uncategorized.

Also, it frequently shut itself off for no apparent reason. I’ve been to a doctor, I have a very healthy heart, they just don’t read bodybugy on me. I certainly don’t begrudge those who love gadgets even more than me and have the extra cash to spare. It’s brilliant, really, because it’s an ongoing expense i. I haven’t dieted, per se, but staying aware of my calories and burn rate have definitely made me make different choices and my diet has improved substantially, even though I wasn’t trying for that.


Given my goal and my start date, it told me that by burning an extra calories a day not unrealistic for 2 a week weightloss I could lose the 25 s by January 8th. There is a BodyBugg variant from another provider that does provide similar numbers.

For current pricing and information about what you get for your money, you can check the company’s website. It’s just simple economics for me. Basically, the bodybugg will probably be less accurate than a heart rate monitor for exercises other than walking, running, stationary cycling, and stair climbing. Who says it’s exact? If it’s margin of error were considerably different than the much cheaper HRM, I again might consider it. Name required Mail will not be published required Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail Login Status You are not currently logged in.

I am so glad I made the decision to try it!

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Fitbit is tiny and clips on just about anywhere. I love gadgets and would consider a Bodybugg if it did not A cost more than twice what a good HRM costs B cost an additional monthly fee. I just received my Body Bugg in the mail and here are my comments so far. For my husband and I, the Bodybugg wirelesss proven itself to be a very valuable tool in my weightloss journey and his athletic performance goals. FitBit counts steps better.


Even my husband, who only wants wirelesw improve wirelesa athletic ability, as opposed to losing weight, purchased one and has had great success in a short period of time. I think it definitely helps, but like all fitness tools, including spark people, you have to stay with it and commit to it to succeed.

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We take great pride in the way we package our shipments. It’s kind of cool to see a graph on the site where you can see exactly where you are burning more. Got a story idea?

That’s how it works in theory. Is this what they use on Biggest Loser? Email required Address never made public.

Don’t take a consumer review personally. At least not any time in the near future.