Nov 8, 9. Diamond Transistor Tickler Posts: I just finished building this and it rocks! It took more than twenty years, but in a reissue Overdriver was created that incorporated a volume pot on the output. DGrig , Nov 8, While it would distort at incredibly high volumes, its primary purpose was to overdrive the amp.

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Colorsound Overdriver | Online stripboard layout editor!

A group picture in the works? Follow the link below. Also, you may want to try a lower value for the gain pot.

My Vick Audio Overdriver adds a great sparkle even in the house. Those are called gentlemen transistors.

Guitar FX Layouts: 18v Colorsound Power Boost

Oops, disregard my last entry about the places that need to be jumpered. This time I’m going to space them out so there’s not a sudden flood. There is a trace of it at the link I pasted overdrjver, and then there is this picture I found that lays out the positions of the parts. Hello Madbeaners, I wanna share my lastest build.


That was the only thing I was thinking could be wrong. I’d like to hear it, if so. SacrificeNov 8, Not sure where to start? Timidater 13 January at Nov 8, 5.

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I would go with the Throbak. It has to be really close to a working layout, but something is still wrong with mine.

There’s nothing that touch that line apart from the cap and the resistors that are supposed to be connected in B14,15,16right? The Overdrive is the same thing as the original Powerboost?

Colorsound Overdriver

Liustucru Stompbox Star Posts: We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. I’m going to see if I can find an actual trace of it to verify some of the connections. I just had 3 dih knobs left so I started mixing colors with 2 cream and 2 black knobs before placing next order Oveerdriver gain pot is way more functional using a reverse log pot, the original has a linear pot.

No, there are 10 cuts. Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file. Gilmourish loved it too.


There could be other problems on top of that correction though, as the negative side of the 22uf cap there is not suppose to be connected straight to 18v, but have the k resistor in between it and 18v.

This way you can set the gain according to the tone you colorsoound without being tied to the volume that is produced along with it. It is based on a silicon circuit, it does not compress a lot unless you wind up the gain and it works best into a somewhat overdriven amp.

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That pedal has never been on my radar but I need one now. Sterling SoundNov 9, It is definitely an excellent pairing with the Stratocaster, makes it really chunky and ballsy.