The NTT Docomo logo is right above the screen. When i tried to change the “clock format style” i can’t seem to change it no matter what. The Company may, at any time at its sole discretion, discontinue the Download Service, or may change any of the contents or terms of the Download Service, without any notice to Users. I have bought the software unlocked Docomo SHC. Accordingly, Users are advised that the contents of the User’s Manuals provided by the Download Service may differ from those included with the purchased products or those included with the products on sale.

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Photo zoom is similar to that of Apple products. I hurried to get content to check it out — this phone has a regular photo and video gallery and another one for 3D content that has a few samples out of box. In the latter the screen changes odcomo characteristics to the worse. Many thanks to Modist for sharing with us the nice pictures and Youtube videos.

The right side features the volume rocker, the camera shutter button and the Search button which is usually placed in the front panel together with the main controls. Dmitry Provorov info j-phone. The handset has all standard communication capabilities without any limitations. Doxomo fact the phone can convert 2D images into 3D. Processor and memory are enough for “heavy” games and Mkv.


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Unlike regular Japanese Flip phones that feature proprietary jacks this one uses a regular 3. Enable JavaScript if it is disabled.

When you view shots in the gallery the ones made in 3D mode have special symbol. The big news earlier this year was the announcement by NTT Docomo about unlocking all of their phones starting from April — so now any citizen of the world can rejoice and try out the mysterious world of true Japanese phones. I must add that I find this 3D to look much more natural than the 3D with glasses you get in cinemas. Have no clue on this. Important Forum Advisory Note.

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Animated wallpapers in the shape of differently sized and semi-transparent squares flying up to the horizon, icons of photo and video cameras, gallery and games racing away when pressed create unique 3D background. This phone has features similar to the competitors’: Docomo SHC as su-10c phone of the type can operate with a Cyrillic keypad. It is still an uncharted territory.

Docomo full HD video sample. If you shoot the street or roses in the garden there will be no comparable presence effect. There is a dedicated video player for video playback, because three party apps do not display the dodomo properly.


Change it by degrees and the picture will split into two halves. The objects on the bottom together with fish passing by create a very realistic stereo world. Another drawback of the 3D mode is the necessity to have a 90 degrees viewing angle. I was surprised by lagging in the Gallery. The app starts slowly and previews of stored photos and videos take too long to appear. To cut a long story short the phone creates two separate images with one eye getting its own.

It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international guidelines. Have something to add?! It can be a useful “working” model if you favour Android smartphones above anything else.

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Wonder if any bros can help me? After that select the Clock Style Thanks bro Was able to set the clock style after setting my local time as Tokyo Japan. The Japanese manufacturers massively adopt this technology.

Take shots and make video just by pressing appropriate buttons.