You only have to do this once if you are working with the same material. Since I do not have access to a true laser cutter, any feedback would be more than welcome. This is a file with a 1″ circle that is rasterized before sending to the laser cutter. Again, many thanks for your help. Appropriately sized strokes 0.

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I would double-check the printer driver settings, or try a different driver as a test.

Introducing the Epilog Mac Driver

Using the export technique I am able to print the vector box but not the letter. I’ve submitted a patch to win32 Cairo so that it properly sends anything smaller than the device’s smallest unit size as a hairline 0. I can also use the print function to output raster via the same VL Advanced driver. The file is larger and it does not contain vector commands in it.

The printout will be vector graphics as long as the line width is 1 pixel or less in printer units, so in Inkscape you may need to use a line width of 0. Also, you will need to ensure that your default printer is the laser printer.

Alternatively you can get them from the Inkscape repository at: Ideally both vector and raster will coexist to drive both cutting and engraving from a single output.


Oddly I find myself travelling through the same valley of death years and versions after the end of this thread.

Bryce Harrington bryce on Using Unity mode, you almost can’t tell Corel Draw is running in alser virtual machine. If you have any trouble downloading or installing ,aser files, please call Epilog Technical Support at We typically use units of “in” or “mm” to create geometry for the laser which leaves “pt” essentially untapped as long as an equivalent dimension in a another unit not used.

The old Windows XP machine died that was running it and I had to replace it.

Bug # “Printing to Laser cutter rasterizes images” : Bugs : Inkscape

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You need to log in to change this bug’s status. The new Windows Vista and 7 drivers from Epilog were only 32 bit linud and it didn’t work.

Just for comparison purposes attached is the output I obtain when I change the llinux width to be 1 px in Inkscape. Machine needs to be booted in Linux.

I tested printing from Inkscape on windows by printing to a file using a driver for a PS printer and using the PDFCreator print driver. Reason to do this, a quote from this website, “The Epilog laser engraver comes with a windows printer driver.

I don’t have the option in the print dialog to print to file. To give different parts of the drawing different settings make the things different colors in the document. Thanks for a GREAT discussion regarding this topic and humble apologies for posting to an old thread.


Take the example of a box with a letter in it. This will print only to the default printer, so you may need to modify the default printer ahead of time.

All lines are being seen as raster data. It should be possible to change the cairo win32 printing surface to perform a similar optimization as Adobe Reader.

Epilog Laser Drivers and Firmware Updates

Alternatively it may be possible to make the cairo win32 printing surface work with cutters by using Cosmetic Pens when the cairo user space to device space transform is a scale transform eoilog the same scale in X and Y.

I printed this to an output file using the printer driver for an HP Laserjet running at dpi. Installing Epilog Express Engraver. Steve Morris stevem57 wrote on Printing to Laser cutter rasterizes images Bug reported by Casey Borders on