And thank-you for your post so I can add my OT remarks to your thread. I don’t want to spark a Ford v. The printing in a BSD derivative is not like printing in Windows. Notify me of new comments via email. But routing the power is where things get more difficult. Epilog Drivers on a Mac.

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Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. Reason why it worked was likely because Mac offered the same driver.

You may have a different preference. With Apple’s being sold in more and more retail stores, I hope someone will pay attention and get some drivers out.

Saying your laser runs on a Mac and meaning “if you have a Intel based Mac and can run windows and you switch over to Windows when you want to use the laser” is not exactly what the rest of the world considers “runs on a Mac”. Results 1 to 15 of I anticipate using both Corel in its latest release and AI to run the laser, depending on my needs or the needs of my clients.

But my personal opinion is that running a laser from a MAC is a waste. The end result, though, is like owning 4 licenses two for each platform for the price of two. As it happens, we have both a Windows and a Mac version.

Having mad buy an entire operating system to install on the Mac just to get the laser to work defeats the reasoning people buy Mac’s in the first place. If the top companies don’t come out with one, you can bet the Asian companies will.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Windows Vista with Epilog Drivers?

I’m not positive, but I think Universal Lasers have developed, or are developing, true Lqser compatibility. My belief is that there is a substantial untapped market out there of graphic designers using Macs that would think about laser engravers more seriously if they were compatible with their equipment. For example see this Apple Link MAC machines would be a great asset to the file creation, edit, and other functions for a laser business.

Let there be light inside your Epilog laser cutter | Hackaday

A little off topic but not too much As well as driver support I would be very pleased to see Corel return to the Mac. One important reason why companies should want epillog develop a Mac driver is to differentiate themselves from others.

Take a look at this site: Learn how your comment data is processed. The last version that was OSX native was 11 and epiolg was dog slow too. I don’t have any experience with running a laser on a Mac, but I will say this in hopes all the big names are watching.

Epilog actually has a program where students can get one of their machines for free. Xcode from Apple has done a lot of work to help with that. Brett, Thanks for mentioning VMWare.


Introducing the Epilog Mac Driver

He figured out a very easy way to light the area as the cutter gets to work. Likewise, I wouldn’t have struggled so long before I settled on Epilog if they had a native Mac driver. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: He added his own 5V DC supply to power the adhesive LED strip which enjoys a resting place on the bottom rail of the head epiog.

I design, engineer and program all sorts of things. Originally Posted by Peck Sidara. I’m lsaer saying one system is better than the other, I’m simply stating my preference would be to use a Mac instead of a PC, and that’s purely my preference.

It should be laserr easier to make a version of Corel for Mac these days after the switch to Intel. What I would fpilog to know is what environment you are running under and whether you have had unforeseen issues with either your driver or the software.

At the same time, I also purchased my first MacBook Pro.