The great software support and wonderful functionality of the EZFA makes up for any small weaknesses. And even then, certain games do not work at all. I then tried them both on my EZ3 and Visual boy Advance, and the games worked fine on both. The cartridge of the EZFA is a see-through ruby red type of colour. Included in the box are the EZFA cartridge mbit and mbit sizes available and the usb cable.

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Realtime clock and calendar on, perfect experience for Pokemon and future RTC compatible game, and also ideal for third-party PDA like applications. The software is nowhere near as stable, as simple, or as quick as the EZFA, but it does have a SMS function for the game saves, and it features 1 gigabit of space.

I then tried them both on my EZ3 and Visual boy Advance, and the games worked fine on both. Review – Advance Wars: If you want Video Clips use the Movie player Free GBA Demo and Freeware roms There are literalry thousands of free games and demos that you can play with any one of the flash linker sets.

The EZ-F Advance is one of the most popular rzf flash rzf on the market at the moment.

EZF-Advance Review | – The Independent Video Game Community

F Cheat function The Cartridge: Play small game not greater than 2M directly via cable, no cart needed, best solution for developers, FC emu games and ebook applications.


Well how does the EZF-Advance measure up?

Hardware saver support, perfect support for all kind of current and future saver types, and all games. With the future zip processing, it could be a big-volume U-Disk. It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your songs.

ECube 1G GBA : EZF Advance

Your name or email address: Although it may be a bit complicated to get started with, it is a very useful system, and my personal favorite. The Cartridge supports all known save types including the big nasty k save.

There is a kb save bank available on the cart so you could save on two kb save games if you wanted to. A linker does take more space and can be annoying, but a direct connecting between the GBA and the cart does drain your GBA’s batteries a bit. The client is quick, simple and practical.

And M, M and M cart capacity available. First up let me just say something plain and simple. But I just wish they would have had downloadable drivers that have a self install like the Ezt, so much simpler. The EZFA software is designed to efficiently and rapidly get GBA roms – games from your computer onto your flash card, with no hassles.

RARE EZF Advance M

Users don’t need to worry about saver lost during battery power lose. When you are actually writing to the cart the blur bar fills up in another colour. This unique feture anables you to play gba demos and small emulated nes, sega game gear, pc engine and spectrum roms without a gba fash card! However, after looking at this cart from a more objective point of view, therefore eliminating the whole EZFA parallel, I found a good 1 gigabit cart with a great cheat system, an embedded SMS, and a generally lower price then its competitors.


A huge difference, but both times are very poor compared to other carts. I believe the loader and flashing software to be far superior to the F2A and the EZ-Flash, it has everything you could want.

No integrated applications and emulators, no background and folders, but made for easy GBA gaming. Isn’t that the point of a boot loader?

This was a huge let down, perhaps the biggest flaw in the cart. Okay not really, but one can dream. Games can be deleted randomly not like in previous flash carts.

Fastest data transfer rate on the market, only 42s needed for reading or writing a 64M game. EZflash II set was and is one of the best gba backup devices ever made but we found a way to make it advwnce better.