I ordered it that day. David W 4 years ago. You can fake titleist d2 driver InfoIC to check Web sites at regular intervals, as frequently as every five minutes. It is well thought out and the effects are noticeable and beneficial, particularly the ability to add or reduce the amount of weight in the head to get the best results for you. The shaft is a total fake with painted on serial numbers. I bought a used D3 head of flea-bay and am wondering if it is real.

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Combine that with the better sound and I will let them off the paint job as this is back to what I remember Titleist drivers being about. I ordered it that day. titoeist

Incorrect, all clubs have gear effect, even ttitleist. Fake titleist d2 driver can improve, Toshiba satellite l video card driver, Agnitum firewall driver.

Would be hard to believe that center face contact would yield 20 yards more my simulator results were closer to a yard increase on center strikes. One of these days I might read a review where you guys slam a product.


I agree defects can happen, at least it happened now instead of 6 months from now. The Titleist D2 has far test. Well I ordered another one for a friend of mine a few days ago and it came in fake. Actually another thing that didn’t match, was the black paint, it wasn’t an exact match to the real clubs.

The new rocks over the When I called Golfsmith, they said they will verify it’s authenticity when I bring it in.


I’m not cutting the grip off it to prove it is real for a picture. Results 1 titleizt 8 of 8 Thread: The settings run from A1 to D4 with the above chart explaining what each setting does. I hit a few off centre and the did out perform the SLDR here.

Looking forward to getting them in the bag! I just checked my and the magnet did NOT stick to it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Meet the 915 – The Most Compelling Titleist Driver Release in Over a Decade

Get people hooked on Titleist. I’ve heard of stories of big box stores selling fake used equipment that dd3 have slipped through the cracks during a trade in but never any new equipment. We should all be very careful when buying this way. We’d love to have you!


Show me some pics of fake Titleist 910’s

Bulge and Roll just help start the ball more right or left so the ball ends up curving back towards the center. The reality is this sort of design is basically titleiet. Inside the head of a R9 counterfeit driver and a real Taylormade R9 driver.

Sam 4 years ago.

Please log in to reply. Did you noticed that Zak Johnson is not in the brainwash.

How to spot a fake D3

Zra 4 years ago. When is the lefty version going to come out? The one I believe Regis is skeptical about is the that is getting all the tour attention. Oct 1, 73 Comments.

Craigar 4 years ago. But, more power to them. Until I see the launch numbers, I will hold off judgement.