The X1 RP based is where all the fun is at. Methinks a refresh is on the way. The has the same number of vertex shaders as the Mutany Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: And, well, on an off-topic note, you might want to consider a tiny RAM upgrade. I have the money to pay for the FireGL, but obviously cheaper would be better.

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The Wildcat 3 supports Direct3D only up to v7. Sun Mar 30, 7: X1 requires an AGP Pro 50 slot, though. Also, if anyone knows of a cooling solution I can get for this card that will actually fit it and give better performance than the stock one, that would be awesome.

ATI FireGL Z1-128

The has the same number of vertex shaders as the Mon Mar 31, 3: There are soft-hacks for Quadros, methinks. Once I got the card I immediately set out to tweak it to it’s max. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our firel of cookies.


Although I’m pleased with the quality and performance, I’d like some more. Sat Mar 29, 5: Pete Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Made to process very very large textures, but not as many of them.

FireGL Z1 > Radeon 9700 Pro > FireGL X1

But you’ll pay for it big-time. I was under the impression workstation cards are made for processing lots of triangles wireframeswhile gaming cards are oriented toward lots of textures.

Jun 28, Posts: Sun Mar 30, 5: Mutany Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: The quadro sounds interesting though. May 3, Posts: Sun Mar 30, Fiegl 24, Posts: Nowadays workstation and gaming cards from nV and ATi are based on the same chip, but with differently-optimised drivers for each. There’s always Parhelia though The card is at stock voltage.

FireGL Z1 Can Run PC Game System Requirements

OokleNov 2, Sat Mar 29, 8: Then I used the Riva Tuner softmod to run it with a FireGL X1 driver, which has given me outstanding image quality and about 22, in aquamark 3 with a slight overclock. No, create an account now. Personally I wouldn’t even be thinking of a GeForce Ti based core for professional usage.


Nov 14, Posts: Mon Mar 31, 5: Hello all, it’s been a while since posting last, but I’m back with a few questions I’m hoping someone will have answers to. Mon Mar 31, 7: My card often craps out when it has to create an openGL texture of a map over x I have the money to pay fireg, the FireGL, but obviously cheaper would be better.