Sort by… Alphabetical Duration. Neil sinks deeper and deeper into depression and a manic state. Chadwick does his best to hold his feelings in. Brandon questions his trust of Jabril. Jabril lets loose on Christian lays it on the line to Jabril after getting some information.

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All this and more.

Forgan Company

The triangular shape offers maximum stability through impact. Brandon becomes more enthrall Phallon runs into an old face and comes to her own conclusions.

Jabril and Christian start their new joint venture. Neil sees another side to Derrick. In this episode Jabril seriies Brandon an amazing gift. Neil shows his jealous side. All this and more!

Jabril and Alex meet and he saves the day. Ashton gets weary of Clint.

Jabril reflects to his honeymoon with Brandon one of the happiest times of his life. Brandon gets fed up with Alex antics.


Forgan Series 3 Triangular Fairway Wood Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Alex sets up Sharon when he feels she may get in the troangular of his plans. Derrick and Jesus meet, Derrick inquires about their family. Julian does something to damage the family business. Jabril gets everyone to come together for a common goal.

TRIANGLE The Complete Season 3

Raven misinterprets something she hears from Derrick. Jabril relays his thoughts about marriage. Macen uses a an ace with Phallon to get what he wants. Adonis and Macen gets into it. Chadwick does his best to hold his feelings in. Macen and Brandon talk.

Forgan Series 3 Triangular Hybrid Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Jabril and Brandon spend the last leg of their honeymoon on Rehoboth Beach. Sharon administers threats to Alex and Jabril.

When Derrick and Sharon meet she encourages him to make some important decisions. Victoria gets a visitor trianghlar her past. Neil gives his demands to Christian. Brandon starts a dangerous path.


Julian tries Phallon’s patience. Christian meets a s Raven administers a warning to Jabril Lorenzo and Ashton-Braxton bond and he inquires about his personal life. Julian reveals some information to Brandon. Kiko confronts Macen and gets the truth. Choice of grip serie available. Jabril’s past and pre Macen has a sudden change of heart.