Spring Recess Campus Closed March 31, This privilege is available only to students who have completed 12 units of course work at Golden West College with a GPA of 2. Academic Guidance and Counseling 2. Who Participates Matriculation is a right afforded to all students who enroll at Golden West College. Career Services – Services include:

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All courses include one-on-one tutoring with experienced instructors.

Table Of Contents – Golden West College

Short Length Certificate Programs 1. The following courses have been approved as Honors Classes. Nonresident Students The following conditions are applicable regarding nonresident fees: Assistance with course selection and program planning. In addition, credit will be awarded for work at Military Service Schools according to the standards established in the American Council on Educational Guides.

They provide background and preparation so that students are ready to concentrate on the major beginning in the junior year. Attempted semester units whether or not paid for by financial aid include: Applicability throughout cross-cultural disciplines 7.

Students who plan to enroll at a community college before transferring to a four-year college or university may apply for a community college reserve grant through Cal Grant A. More information is available at www. gwv


– Golden West College

The following types of classes should be completed if possible before students transfer. Required items are available at the campus Bookstore. The GE-Breadth Requirements is a lower division unit pattern.

One disbursement is made to students each semester. Days, Evenings, and Weekends: Courses are designed and offered to provide for completion within two years.

You must have completed the prerequisite course at GWC after se be currently enrolled in it, or 3. Registration appointments are assigned on a first-applied, first-issued basis. The IGETC requires completion of a minimum of 37 semester or 49 quarter units of lower division work with a C grade or better in each course. Students will also write and produce a weekly news program that is distributed via cable television.

Two courses, with one from Group A and one from Group B, for a total of 7 – 9 semester units or quarter units. Placement Test Scores 3.

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Active military personnel are exempt from nonresident tuition fees provided they are in California for a purpose other than attending a state supported institution of higher education. Check with the Bookstore for refund, gwwc and buyback policies.

Students who follow this option must complete 39 units of courses listed in Areas A through E below, including the specific requirements indicated for each area. The loan is available in both subsidized and unsubsidized forms. One of the courses must include a lab.


2010-2011 – Golden West College

Within the context of its regular offerings, the college seeks to remove many of the restrictive barriers confront 17 ed by these students through financial aid, counseling, tutoring, and remedial courses in learning skills, communications, and computational skills. Geography, History, H Group A: All CSU campuses will accept the minimum units shown below toward fulfillment of the designated General EducationBreadth area if the examination is included in a full or subject-area certification; individual CSU campuses may choose to accept more units than those specified below towards completion of General Education-Breadth requirements.

Complete Group A and Group B.

These re-entry programs are designed to provide students with wgc assistance needed to ensure a smooth transition into the college environment. Financial Aid based on the following number of units each academic year: Completion of the International Student Orientation prior to the semester start date is mandatory.

The library provides quick and easy access to timely materials.