Tal, don’t read this. Im quite busy right now, but I’ll try to integrate it today. Home Help Search Login. Still, it’s a logical setup, and anyone who’s familiar with setting up SideWinder profiles should have no problem getting this one to obey. Author Write something about yourself. The SideWinder and I have had a long relationship, we’ve had some good times, but I got analog in my eyes the second I saw PlayStation’s update to its standard digital setup.

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Falconfly, could you please upload this driver too to the 3DFX Archive? You can almost hear it snap and grunt when you press it down, and doing quick moves on it seems about as effortless as pushing an elephant on roller skates, both of which I’ve tried to do. HFX is a driver written from the ground up that realizes the full potential of the Hammerhead FX gamepad.

–>InterAct HammerHead FX

Hammerhead fx 3dfx windows drivers. I’m hmmerhead, but nothing beats the PlayStation dual analog controller when it comes to a perfect gamepad package. Overall, this pad is a nice, if not heavy alternative to the SideWinder series, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants an analog, rumbly experience on their gamepad. Too bad that I do not have the free time that I used to have in the past, when I could just play and play for hours F1 World Grand Prix was a bit too sensitive 3vfx well, but the button setups were nice.


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3DFX Hammerhead FX – How mutch is this worth? – WorldWide Community

As for me, I’d like a little more subtlety. Rayman 2 would have been a perfect matchup if it wasn’t for that pesky UbiSoft and its inconceivable decision to not let you change your controller configuration. Perhaps I should make this as a more generic question. Hammerhead fx 3dfx windows drivers 0 Comments Leave a Reply. Komponent Senior Member Offline 3dfx modder Posts: I myself have no knowledge as 3fx what distinct Hardware differences are within the Controller concerning USB vs.

3dfx Hammerhead FX Game Controller Dual Analog Gamepad Vintage Voodoo Gamer RARE

The biggest surprise of the group was Starlancer — the analog worked beautifully without much tweaking, and while you’d still have to get used to working with the pad and a keyboard, general navigation and firing was very smooth. Tal, don’t read this.

When installing any such Driver, make sure your System is backed up properly! Hammerheac actually like the extra weight and size, especially after dealing for years with undersized, tiny, finger-mashing controllers.

InterAct Accessories HammerHead FX (SV262) Gamepad

FalconFly, NitroX infinity, gdonovan. Discussion entitled as follows: Audio companion v1 13 keygen by core. If that fails, try the native Driver Gameport 3dtx I will be using the pedi wrap but does anyone know if it has any side effect like blood cloth, and Vista Ready Parts of a Spark Plug Most spark plugs consist of three thrustmaster t rs driver update.

Unfortunately, the HammerHead FX has one fatal flaw, and that’s its chunky, clunky digital pad.


Also, because of the rumble feature, the pad has a heavier weight than most, something that may bother some of you who enjoy your pads small and light. Will this driver work with that hardware configuration, or do I need to use a strictly USB supporting driver?

I had the chance to test other gamepads, from the cheap ones, like from Gembird to highly appreciated items, like from Logitech, but somehow I still like better my aging InterAct 3rfx FX. Im quite busy right now, but I’ll try to integrate it today.

Who else on this forum is using a Hammerhead FX too? Install software, restart computer, check to see if pad works, restart computer, eat breakfast, check gamepad, restart Windows, pray for arch-nemesis’ horrific demise hammernead taking morning shower, play game with new gamepad.

With two analog sticks.

The spec and requirements list, for those of who enjoy information popped out in little black dots, is:. Home Help Search Login. I really don’t like installing and uninstalling drivers if I don’t have to I was able to play Motocross Madness 2 with no setup or button wrangling, and while the steering was hammrhead sensitive for an analog controller, I had the same problem with my SideWinder joystick during my original review.