Solved Go to solution. It is the other way round. Thanks pkh and CraigV. Shutdown both the media server and the tape library 3. It appears to be working now.

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Our website uses cookies! Issue with Backup Schedule after migration from 9. Msk2024 autoinitialised media with some data on it. Quality and Testing Security Security Research. It sounds weird I know, but that is what Symantec recommend.

Medium changer not showing up in device manager. Craig the medium changer isn’t appearing in device manager so I can’t change the drivers for it. Don’t worry about the tape.

For Windowsdisabled the Removable Storage service and add this to the registry: Thanks rgb99 – but after checking that option we’re still having issues. If the medium changer is. I will start clearing the back log of tape backup jobs needing to be done and see if any more errors mssl2024.

Solved Go to solution. Is there any way of doing the above steps without shutting down? If you can see all devices in nsl2024 device manager, i. I have ‘automatically discover changed SCSI addresses’ enabled in DP for both the library and the two drives – is there anywhere else i need to set it?


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Strange how it changed back from Unknown medium changer, but I’m chxnger glad it’s working Thanks for all your help pkh and CraigV. Thanks pkh and CraigV. Craig – Unsure about the cable being damaged, it’s in a hardened secure data centre so it would be unlikely but anything is possible. The tape library does not appear in the Device Manager because it is not recognised by the OS.

As of September 1,the Material is now offered by Micro Focus, a separately owned and operated company. Without a reboot, I don’t see a way to get it recognised.

So in short, there are no HP drivers installed for the tape library on the server. Reinstall the tape library if it does not appear in the BE console.

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Hi rgb99, thanks again for your suggestions! Backup Exec best practice is to not install any HP drivers so that is shows up as an unknown media changer, which is how mexium have been using our MSL up until now. Veeam can see the tape library and it’s able to run a job. Should the medium changer appear in device manager even if it doesn’t have the right drivers?


I’ve checked this as well, the library is in random mode. How can I first get the right drivers back on to the tape drive the generic Microsoft ones and then secondly how can I get the medium changer showing mediym again?

I’ve read so many forums posts trying to figure this one out, can you tell me how to change the drives back from HP Ultrium 5 to the Symantec drivers? It appears to be working now. Top Contributors Last 30 Days. If this is finally finished and up-to-date, we install VBR here and I really like it, that VBR doesn’t include any tape drivers, they simply concentrate on their software and let manufacturers do their job. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Mexium of Participation.

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