Share This Page Tweet. The coil is excited powered on by the radio field emitted from the screen of your device. Or, hover the pen tip immediately over the button. You’d never know though unless you checked the specs or were a fan of Finepoint’s technology which some to a certain extent still consider superior. I am having a really tough time locating an OEM replacement stylus for the tablet. That’s because the pen of the TC looks exactly like the old Finepoint pen did

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But if you have a sacrificial pen it might be worth trying.

It was then replaced with Wacom technology. The pen includes the following components: My pen exterior is close to as narrow as could fit stylua guts, but longer.

Two small retractable feet on the back on the tablet allow for an angled writing surface, and ventilation when placed on a flat surface. Position your hand on the pen so that you will not accidentally press the pen button. You can write with the pen in pen-specific applications such as Microsoft Journal, in all Microsoft Office applications, and in most other Windows applications and stylsu.

Steve B Dec 5, A wireless card can be installed on units not shipped with one, but some of these did not have the antenna installed, either. Thanks for all the help.


TC Replacement Stylus | – Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News

DRTigerlilly Aug 10, stylys I was planning to mod my own tablet-PC pen for an Mso I bought spares and took one apart. So you might be able to shrink it in one axis and end up with an oval instead of a circle shape. So far ive tried Ebay and found nothing. As you syylus the calibration:. Customizable controls include 3 physical buttons along the side of the unit, a “jog dial” assembly on the same edge, and 3 stylus-sensitive spots in the bezel of the display.

The hard drive is also easily upgradeable. It retained a loyal following, however, due to its uncommon design. Your name or email address: DRTigerlillyDec 16, See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. You know, because this board is a sensitive radio circuit, snapping the board in half and resoldering may cause it to cease functioning properly.

HP Compaq Tablet PC TC – Configuring the Pen | HP® Customer Support

The Tablet Tv1100 Life. This allows it to work with or without a keyboard attached. Pen tip Pen button. Also keep in mind, unless you want to lose pressure sensitivity, you’ll need to support the mechanical part of that system- all the little springs and such that operate the pen nib. Some circuits this would not work, due to multi-layer circuit boards, or low tolerance for trace capacitance, but I doubt any of those issues would crop up here.

I’d also add that you could probably pretty easily shorten it further by snapping that circuit board in half, just above the switch button, styls putting the halves side by side, tc100 soldering wires to reconnect the traces.


The tc is indeed based upon the Wacom system.

HP Compaq TC1100 Tablet PC STYLUS PEN

I have spare tips for the stylus, but they are no good without whatever is in the barrel of the pen. Here is a photo of the insides. Tap the pen in the exact center of each of the calibration markers.

How Penabled pens work A Wacom Penabled pen operates without batteries or wires by taking advantage of patented technology developed by Wacom in which an electromagnetic signal is sent from a sensor board to a pen and returned for position analysis, pressure sensitivity and other information.

TC1100 Replacement Stylus

The Penabled pen therefore needs no batteries. So if your guts are the same, you could easily make the pen shorter, but not all that much room left for making it thinner.

Their press release is here With this being stated as how they work.