I get nice distance and high trajectory with this 5 wood and it fills my gap between 3 wood and 3 hybrid nicely. I needed a new one because my old one broke. It is a nice club, good quality, works and looks grea t and I got it far less expensively than the big names. I have played with this club twice now and like it a lot. New or used, my advice is to go for it!

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Tour Edge Bazooka JMax Houdini Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 5 reviews –

Maybe as a chipper. If you want to enjoy the game more and have trouble with fat and thin shots, these are the ohudini for you. It has a 16 degree loft which is good for a high handicapper like myself.

As is the frequent case, advertising of the product spurred my interest.

The best place to buy these clubs is on ebay for used and from driving iron. You can certainly spent more, and I have, but I have never experienced more improveement in my game with a club. I know this is a good club. These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored into your assessment.


For recreational players with huge slices, you can’t go wrong. For slower swingers, the shorter shaft will be easier to manage. This little driver does everything you ask it to do Skip to main content. The bottom line is you don’t have to sacrifice your first born child jmad pay for premium performance.

hhoudini Great until it breaks. G reat rescue club if you mess up your t-shot. I’m happy to report the Houdini fairway woods are just as good nice quality construction, too. Distance off the deck is superior to any 3 wood I have ever owned. The only two drawbacks The distance is just like a 3 wood off of tee The houdini’s have a slightly smaller head and a shorter shaft.

While the launch angle is higher the overall distance is still very good. Their clubs are very playable, very forgiving.

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I have a regular and stiff flex Houdini, and I can hit the stiff in the range as well, many times I needed a new one because my old one broke. I swing bout 85mph so regular flex shaft works well for me.

I took it right to driving range and houini bout dozen with it. This club does have a little magic This is a great club although I did have to get used to it if you have trouble hitting a 3 wood and cant quite hit the lower lofted hybrids this is your club. Didn’t try teeing it up yet but should be great. I do not have a touredge driver yet.


Tour Edge JMAX Houdini Driver | Discount Golf World

When you read the specs on this club, your first impression might be that a 16 degree driver has way too much loft. For senior players, this driver is a godsend.

Tour Edge Houdini Driver: Looks good and hits good.

I love Bazooka I was originally for for a club for a friend of ours, when I found this little beauty and deceided to get it whether he, wanted it or not. If the houdini driver came with a 12 degree loft Today Tour Edge is one of the fastest growing houdibi, and in made the list of the Top 40 manufacturers in Golf Pro Magazine.