Eventually, Kengo learns that Emoto is both the Virgo Zodiarts and Tachibana as he reveals to the boy the full story behind his father’s death and that the Horoscopes must be stopped from having all twelve switches. While able to encourage others, believing the Presenters’ call and promise to be destiny, Gamou has ultimately always been friendless and considered the concept beneath him. Though none came, Gentaro arrived to save JK despite his betrayal. However, becoming self-aware, the Kyodain had other plans and fatally injured Blink. Furthermore, his holier-than-thou attitude only makes him an outcast of sorts and he confesses his envy towards the Kamen Rider Club members, where the members stick together and have real fun.

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He is a shrewd character with an inquisitive nature and has managed to prevail thus far, due to him actively avoid direct confrontation with the Kamen Riders and undying loyalty to Gamou. flasg

However, being able to speed up bodily functions of a person means that he can easily revive someone as well. Eventually, she dumps Shun after seeing him with Gentaro and the others working as groundskeepers during their detention. Ohsugi still intends to disband the club as it has failed in following the rules of being approved by a faculty member, eventually escaping the Rabbit Hatch with a ricer Net Switch to hand over to Principal Hayami.

He also demonstrates a hover pack like that of Kamen Rider Fourze and the ability to remove his cape in order to turn it into a large boomerang-shaped sword. Though a member of the Horoscopes, her Pisces Switch starts out colored blue to signify its immaturity.

Tomoko even sets up various magical charms around the locker for additional “protection. She feigns her friendship with Miu, as she secretly resents losing to her every year in the Queen Festival, and uses the opportunity given to her by the Scorpion Zodiarts to enact her revenge as the Chameleon Zodiarts.

Hayami then reluctantly takes fourzze her duties in the distribution of Zodiarts Switches, targeting those among his prized pupils who have the potential to become Horoscopes. He teaches Gentaro how to play the song he used to play to his son, which enables Gentaro to not only regain JK’s friendship and snap him out of his delusions, but also indirectly leading Gentaro to beat the Capricorn Zodiarts.


Kamen Rider Fourze Flash Belt 1.31 – YouTube

When she is defeated by Kamen Rider Fourze, Miu encourages her to work harder the following year. Kannagi also demonstrates the ability to utilize his breath as a repelling or attracting force, or to dissolve unprotected humans. Though he is not sure what the Flwsh can do, but he knows that the said Zodiarts can save Jiro.

However, only his adopted father Rokuro Utahoshi knew the truth with Kuniteru Emoto, who regretted fladh role, bringing Kengo to Earth. Drifting into the Dark Nebula, satisfied with his self-sacrifice, the Libra Zodiarts ridre vaporized by the vortex’s lightning. Eventually, learning that the Aries Zodiarts has been at Subaruboshi High the entire time, Ryusei loses his focus and his desire to save Jiro results with him protecting the Horoscopes member while nearly killing Gentaro with a one-inch punch to the chest.

Kamen Rider Fourze (Series) – TV Tropes

Her belt is also compatible with the Astro Switchesbut can only use Astroswitches for the arms and lacks the use of Limit Break. Views Read Edit View history.

She insists on implementing measures to keep students in check while Sugiura insists on allowing students maximum freedom. As the resulting attack places him in a coma, Yamada’s Aries Switch is flasy by the Virgo Zodiarts and given to Gamou, foourze then gives it to Tatsugami for safekeeping. Though he originally intends to fight the Zodiarts on his own, his physique is so weak that even manning the Powerdizer exo-suit for extended periods is an extremely difficult task for him.

He is forced to give Gentaro the means to become Kamen Rider Fourze and aid the Kamen Rider kwmen providing him with his arsenal as well as acting as Gentaro’s tactician. Articles containing Japanese-language text Pages with reference errors Pages with broken reference names. He is also shown to be jealous of Hayami, as he is almost a complete opposite of what he is and Hayami is very close to Ms.


At the end, she sees Ryusei redeeming himself without the power of the Meteor Driver. Additionally, Ran still considers herself a ridef of the Kamen Rider Club and resolves to use her newfound powers to fight Gamou and Tatsugami. However, becoming self-aware, the Kyodain had other plans and fatally injured Blink.

Ricer plot’s main driving element is Gentaro’s goal in making friends with everyone in the school, even the Zodiarts Switchers.

As the Gemini Zodiarts, she has an unorthodox fighting style and is armed with two types of exploding cards: Ohsugi everything about the identity of the Horoscopes and he is surprised to learn that Ms. She is eventually defeated when both vases on her shoulders are shattered, robbing her healing abilities once and for all.

In the end, having had constant battles with Ryusei since their first meeting, Tatsugami is defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm and his body dissolves rder into stardust. Rokuro was inspired by his visit to Kyoto and used a hypothetical system its occupants used in ancient times in designing the Fourze after the Four Jamen contellations as reflected in the specific symbols on the Kamen Rider’s limbs: Sonoda’s disappearance is covered up soon after to make it seem that she is on a sabbatical and then a resignation due to health reasons.

While all twelve Horoscopes Switches have been created flaxh in his hands, Gamou is unable to enact the Day of Awakening due to Kengo’s interference. Their wish to create a new Earth with a superior breed of humans was exploited by Kageto Banba. The two cracked roder majority of the puzzle of the Core Switch, but clashed over the method by which the Presenters should be contacted.