A first refining disc 5 for a defibrator 1 for refining fibrous material, adapted to receive a flow of incoming fibrous material 7 from a feed screw 3a through a material inlet opening 4 arranged in the first refining disc 5 , is provided with at least one steam evacuating channel 21 comprising at least one steam inlet opening 22 arranged on a side of the first refining disc 5 adapted to face a second refining disc 6 , and at least one steam outlet opening 23 arranged on a side of the first refining disc 5 adapted to face away from the second refining disc 6. Due to reasonably large Piosson’s ratios of lead-based relaxor single crystal, the resonance vibration of the active material in crossed face or body diagonal directions induces sufficiently large vibration amplitudes for sound and ultrasound generation via any free surface which could be normal or at an angle to the resonating diagonal directions. A command is generated that includes slot value s for slot s , where the slot value s for one or more of the slot s are determined based on the token s determined to correspond to the slot s. A composition for prevention, alleviation, reduction, or treatment of retinal disease according to the present invention suppresses oxidation in retinal pigment epithelial cells and inhibits apoptosis, thereby exhibiting an excellent effect of preventing, alleviating, reducing, and treating various retinal diseases such as macular degeneration, which has various pathological causes. Energy regulators which use a bi-metallic strip to open and close electrical contacts are commonly used in household appliances for temperature regulation. Compact spectrometer modules include an illumination channel and a detection channel. The risk index RI of the diagnosed disease is calculated in accordance with a reduced formula.

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The device comprises at least one artificial tendon 20, 21 attached to a distal end 3 of the arm and a driving mechanism 30the driving mechanism being connected to and adapted to pull the tendon and the distal end of the arm, and a method of operating the device.

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A top wall of the apparatus being provided with a fuel inlet, a fuel outlet, a coolant inlet, and a coolant outlet. The present invention provides the use of the said therapeutic composition to treat or prevent skin with dry or pruritic or inflammatory conditions. The present invention relates to novel chlorine e6-curcumin derivatives, a preparation method thereof for the treatment of cancer, and in particularly, novel compounds were prepared by using different linkers such as hydrophobic and hydrophilic linkers to conjugate chlorine e6 to curcumin, the compounds under investigation showed excellent photophysical properties, stability, and anticancer activity.

The distance between the bars is smaller than the size of the oysters 12 and larger than the size of the oyster borers 13so that the snails are caught between the bars and end up in the collecting tray, contrary to the oysters.

The present invention relates to a method of enrolling a fingerprint of a user’s fingerby means of a fingerprint detection arrangement The hot gas film heats up the surface of the bed of powdered material.


The disclosure also pertains to related methods and devices. The receptor chamber correlates at least to the volume of the pressure sampling tubeso as to prevent acoustic resonance in the pressure sampling tube The second sub-group includes at least one key that is not a modifier key.

An automated system for creating, processing and generating videos i/t An insect trap comprises: Disclosed herein is a dryer having a cabinet, a drum provided inside the cabinet so as to be rotatable about a rotation axis, a rear support plate coupled to the rear of the drum to support the drum and the rear support plate having a hot air supplier configured to supply hot air toward an inner surface of the drum along a circumference of the drum, and a hot air duct configured to introduce air in a region adjacent to the rotation axis of the drum and to guide air to the hot kyoceera supplier through a heater disposed therein.

M is a metal that is titanium or vanadium; Asc represents C6H7O6; x is an integer from 1 to 4; y is an integer from 0 to 5; z is 0 or 1; molar ratio ptinter M to Asc is printwr 1: Only approximately 30 seconds pass from the moment a fire is detected to the time the system begins extinguishing it.

Beneficially the temperature sensors 3 are non-contact infrared sensors. Techniques for controlling RF output of portable devices are described, in an example, an indication of a mode of a portable device is received.

Disclosed is a switching blade suitable for use in an printfr regulator in which the electrical contacts are connected and disconnected rapidly. The intravenous fluid filter assembly can maximize stability of the patient, user convenience, and economic merits.

Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente. The invention solves the problem how to extinguish fires by using a design that extinguishes them without needing the direct presence of people during the process.

The present disclosure relates to a technology for a sensor network, machine to machine M2M i/c, machine type communication MTCand Internet of things IoT. The electric connector comprises at least two separate units, each unit comprising a plurality of pins, each pin being adapted to contact a plate of the fuel cell stack for monitoring a fuel cell stack voltage.

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The present invention relates to an economical container comprising: Please wait, adding to basket The method comprises repulping red mud, sorption leaching scandium from the red mud pulp using an ion-exchange sorbent to give a scandium-loaded ion exchanger and a scandium-depleted pulp, and desorbing scandium using a sodium carbonate solution to give a desorbed ion exchanger, which is then recirculated back into the sorption leaching of scandium, and a reclaimed scandium product solution, which is fed into the production of scandium concentrate by precipitation.

The collecting tray comprises a bottom plate 6side plates 7a rear plate 8 and at the upper side partly an upper plate 9 and partly a bar frame The grinding spindle 25 is configured to rotate about a spindle axis A by a spindle motor 23the grinding spindle further being configured to be rotated about a gyration axis B by a gyration motor 29the gyration axis being inclined relative to the spindle axis.


Further, a process for the production of such food product and a baking composition obtainable by the process is described. The service module also comprises a motor configured to be engaged with a cassette spool, and a tube element configured to provide the milk sample to the test zone a, b, c.

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The present invention is a surgery robot in order to be used in surgical operations, which have mobile arms, at the ends of which devices to be used for processes such as incision and stitching during surgical operations are attached, characterized in that, it comprises; mobile arms 30 that are attached to the cap kycoerahave surgery device tips 40 at the ends thereof, can move in a flexible manner and can be bent at the connection points, cap 20 at which mobile arms 30 are attached and which serve as a holder, connection members 33 interconnected by placing micro joint 31 there between and forming the mobile arms 30micro joints 31 that provide the connection of connection members 33 forming the mobile arms 30 and three-axial movement thereof in an interconnected manner, and micro motors 32 that provide the movement required for micro joints 31 to move the connection members 33and are provided on the connection members Machine learning is utilised to improve kjocera evaluation algorithm for assigning of scores.

The present invention relates to a printef limb integrated with a sensory system comprising of: The steam ob-21e up is capable of preheating the fuel flowing inside the fuel coiled tubing of the fluid-tight container body. Support system 11 that enables fixing the inner vessel 13 to the outer vessel 12 in two- layer vessel 10 systems, characterized in comprising prijter least one body 20 that is positioned between the inner vessel 13 kyoceta outer vessel 12 and that enables thermal insulation between them; at least two support ends 30 that are positioned on two sides of the body 20wherein one of the printre ends is connected to the inner vessel support housing 15 formed on the outer side of the kyocefa vessel 13 and the other support end is connected to the outer vessel support housing 19 formed on the inner side of the outer vessel The tower structure is constructed using selected bamboo culms whereby the culms form a lattice of vertical and horizontal members interconnected by bracing means to form support for continuous erection of tower to a desired height.

The laundry handling apparatus according to the present invention comprises: