Here is a link to the LPC user manual. USB section begins in Chapter 9. I had jumped to wrong conclusion See the examples on Axelson’s HID page http: Part and Inventory Search. However, you don’t always need to handle the EPs in interrupt.

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My original account was accidentally banned by the forum engine. I’ve changed the code accoding to your posts. Ultrasonic transducer driver 1.

LPC2148 USB Mass Storage Device Example

I’ve got the InReport working, the flag I put finally was set! Smaller value results faster more frequent transfer. Part and Inventory Search.

Products Download Events Support Videos. Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. The USB standard is comprised of various classes of devices and functions. I’ve done a couple tests maybe this will give you a hint of what might be: If you’re having trouble just learning ‘C’, why also try to learn another language VB?


LPC2148 USB Drivers

Do you have a hardware USB bus analyzer? To confirm it, run these tests. I had jumped to wrong conclusion It is confirmed that the enumeration finishes successfully.

Report and endpoint descriptor. D It was a problem with my application.

When you aren’t sure which side the problem lies on, the firmware or the host app, look at the USB traffic. How to upload a counter value to a website automatically 3. Now we define the dedicated endpoint for OUT.

USB device controller in LPC

The “not supported” message I get using the sniffer and it comes every other report after enumeration. You can define HID Report of more than 64 bytes. The code says there’s a wizard for that but just cant find it. This is a tip to ease the procedure.

I need Visual Basic 6 thanks you. Then, the next exercise goes one step further. Analog Layout Finger Size 3.

LPC usb controller

USB device controller in LPC how to install usb driver and how to proceed further please share if any one know If there is anything to modify on usbcfg. Dec 242: This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.


I forgot to mention but on item a of your post I did all the things that you’ve mentioned and Windows sees my device as a HID and it doesn’t say its not working properly or anything of that sort.

Report and endpoint descriptor Aqua Bela Okay, according to your usbb I now have both in and out 64byte transfer. I’ve also checked your post on how winxp sp2 enumeration process should go and mine isnt really like that it has some similarities. Could you put the software somewhere I can download or tell me in which compiler the software will compile with?