The firmware – programming for the modem’s DSP – is contained in the driver. The driver that is installed is probably the XP native PnP one. Part of our modem pool has almost modems and winmodems are not supported. If you think that you might want to try Linux or Be, or if you have a slower less than a P CPU, go with an external or internal non-winmodem. In many cases, all that is needed to upgrade the modem to 56k is a 5. One advantage is the ease of updating the modem’s firmware – the modem does not need to be flashed. LT modem for I notebooks; Version 5.

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The Agere site had LT documentation, and driver version lycent. Networking by Shara Tibken Oct 22, In Mar, Microsoft added driver version 8. Sep 17, Posts: Nvidia launches GeForce Now ‘recommended router’ program So you don’t have to muck around with the settings on your gaming router. Do I have to buy a “faxmodem” to send faxes from my computer? Thu Jul 06, 4: If your network is slow or acting weird, it’s possible someone is stealing your signal and maybe more.

On the other hand, internal non-winmodems are basically just an external modem with all the components crammed together on the card instead of the external box ie, they have hardware on them.


People seem to like the 3Com “Gamer’s Modem”, which is an internal winmodfm, but is hardware not winmodem. You may have to update the modem using Win2K device manager – the setup program might not do it.

What exactly is a “Winmodem” and why so cheap? Who makes good modems?

Rax this driver did not undergo the testing normally done with general driver releases, Agere is not making this a general release and it won’t appear at Modemsite. Upgrade by running modem5. You also have to take into account that the isp you are dialing into doesn’t have a bank of winmodems, but does have a bank of 3com or another quality hardware modem that may NOT be compatable with a winmodem.

RedFerret Seniorius Lurkius Registered: The guy with the fastest connect speed winmodrm I work has a winmodem, but the modem has nothing to do with the speed he connects at.

Note – Lucent has produced “generic” upgrade releases designed to winmmodem and upgrade all LT-based modems. Tue Jul 04, If your modem is renamed, you will need to adjust Dial-Up Networking connections.

Dell LT modem for I notebooks; Version 5. Jun 22, Posts: Rex Fenestrarum Ars Praefectus Tribus: This download area also has a zipped 6. Zoom has released modem-on-hold applet and V. What exactly is a “Winmodem” and why so cheap? Networking by Lori Grunin Oct 3, On the box, look for an indication that it uses the Lucent also known as LT chip.


What exactly is a “Winmodem” and why so cheap? Who makes good modems? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Basically, wibmodem modem that lists a Pentium something in its system requirements is a Winmodem. The package is available as a zipped file from Modemsite.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise International. Just make sure that the rebate is from a reputable manufacturer, not like Newcom, which has burned countless people.

Winmodem are cheap shit with no hardware and install on com port 5. Been Using it for almost 2years. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.

Believe it or not – I think this inexpensive Win Modem is one of the best 56k modems available today! Note – many of these sites have files for more than just the LT!