While the sound is good when it works I’ve had consistent problems with “Dropouts” on Cakewalk Home Studio 9. Overall I gave a 9 because of that little hiss but other than that its great. I got good use out of this product but I found out the hard way it introduces too much hiss to the signal in my opinion on mic recording. A good value at a low price. We’ll refund you the difference for 45 days, so you’ll never regret buying from zZounds. No ac adapter needed, just plug in the USB cable and the unit is on.

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They know absolutely nothing about the product – and they act like, we got your money – it’s your problem now. Im happy with the product.

Never called The Wow Factor: Country heavy metal with record scratches. I did not have to use the cd it came with and its running great. I can’t imagine what a nightmare that would be to have to pull the tower out every time you wanted to make a connection.

The software I use has so many effects and post production options I can get a great finished product.

I use my acoustified bedroom to record!! Yes the value is incredible for the performance the preamp gives most definitely!!


M-Audio MobilePre – audio interface

It has the same features plus midi capability, but heard mixed reviews about it. The preamp, though it’s supposedly 48v phantom power, is quite weak. If you create some killer jams with it, you could probably appear to have more sex appeal with the ladies, ha ha.

Sadly it didn’t quite live up to the excitement. Channel 1, with the guitar plugged in direct however, had crystal clear audio with no crosstalk and a much fuller tone than the soundcard in my aging computer. In the range of novice-intermediate interfaces, it’s pretty solid.

Its a great mobilepde that works flawlessly and is easy to use.

M-Audio MobilePre Digital Recording Interface

So your recording really depends on the kind of mic you have. Solid clean digital audio in small portable and inexpensive package I plugged my budget knockoff guitar into the left channel and my budget condenser into the 2nd channel XLR input.

Solsman Dec 12, Personally – Electronic stuff, mobileprre etc. My goals are to do voice overs and not nesseccarily music. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

M-Audio MobilePre USB Interface User Reviews | zZounds

People who bought this also bought. System Requirements OS Required. This should mmobilepre me going in home recording for a long time! No ac adapter needed, just plug in the USB cable and the unit is on.


Buy good quality mikes designed for the proper sound frequencies – high for vocals and strings, low for drums.

Windows XP mobileprf the best platform to use if you want the mobile pre to work smoothly and trouble free. Plug it in, grab drivers, and your set.

Core Sound — M-Audio’s MobilePre-USB 16/48 KS/s USB-powered Microphone Pre-amp

I believe it’s related to the speed of USB 2. So far so good. Either way, I was expecting to be able to use effects on my tracks and then listen back but that seems to be a bit too much for the unit to handle. We cart it all over the place and have dropped it a few times. Just wish it could’ve worked for me It’s plastic – nuff said Value: It has a dedicated headphone output with a volume control in addition to another stereo output.

Sounds clean enough but not much head room for peaks, you movilepre to run it on the cool side.