To prevent the risk of object penetration between display and base unit, Dell provides a notebook bag for the XPS M instead. This is mainly because of the low-frequency noise , which is rather decent, despite of a noise level of Especially the basses are not so good. We felt that the access time of the built-in GB harddisk was somewhat too low, and presumably also impeded a higher PCMark result. The suction hole of the fan is at the back left side of the bottom side and you should take care not to cover it with anything, especially when demanding high performance at the same time. It is easy to hit the right keys, and also the point of pressure convinces.

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Clearly, these demands are far away from reality, but, the Dell XPS is yet very close to this desired configuration. Apropos business, a docking port might have been a reasonable supplement for the compact XPS. Shawn Dec 23, at 6: If you fold the display to the back, you’ll face a similar phenomenon.

For those who travel a lot the 9-cells 85Wh battery might be interesting too. Yes, my password is: Be this as it may, obviously, there is a demand for notebooks which are configured alike the M, which should not be under- estimated.


Please share our article, every link counts! Temperature Our test uncovered that the surface temperature in idle mode were nearly above the ones under load.

M1330 Bluetooth Problems on Format

Sometimes a high-frequency cheeping bluetoith be heard in idle mode, but, only if the environment is absolutely quiet and when listening very carefully. Although the flexural rigidity is generally alright, also the display clearly yields under pressure. Alienware 18 and M18x.

The viewing angles of the reviewed panel are rather average. Dell added a notebook with completely new design to its product range, the XPS M Horizontally, you’ll too face a loss of contrast and also clear reflections, if the angle gets acuter. As long as you do not travel with big luggage, it is very useful.

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A clicking nluetooth is sometimes emitted by the hard disk, especially during the boot process. The keyboard is attached tightly. Similar to the Apple MacBook Pro the main advantages of the LED technology are low power consumption and a longer lifespan of the backlight.

We think that this is maybe Dell’s way to differentiate between consumer and business notebooks.

Here are some pictures of it. Here you might legitimately question whether so much power is reasonable for a compact notebook. Moreover, it should also be completely fit for outdoor usage. The resolution of x pixels fits well to the Please, switch off ad blockers. For mobility you should definitely at least choose the 56Wh 6 cells version.


M Bluetooth Problems on Format | NotebookReview

Even, if you only utilize a small portion of the available performance, it’s good to know, that there are sufficient reserve capacities. Especially the high-quality materials contribute to its good blueyooth.

As a supplement, you’ll find stereo cable bound headphones and bluetooth headphones, which allow enjoying music without cable possible, in the package. The surface temperature of the bottom side was somewhat higher than at the top side.

Review Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

Fortunately, the XPS M fits even with the clearly bigger 9-cell battery in. The surface temperatures are alright too. However, the design of the hinges and the notebook’s bluetoogh side are crucial for the overall appearance of the notebook.

Although the fan has to speed up under load in order to provides the powerful hardware with sufficient air, the noise emissions are in total still alright.

Discussion in ‘ Dell ‘ started by lolmannzJan 21, Despite the fan runs permanently even in idle modewe felt that the XPS is relatively quiet. Solely the notebook fits into the handy nylon bag.