It has following motherboard JR-A1-V1. Also my player froses sometime on welcome or in the middle of playing some “strange” video. How to repair, my screen MP4 player is bad and display raster. Can anybody help me? It will not go to the home screen.

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COM If you believe your product is defective or needs servicing or repair within the warranty period, please refer to the instructions on http: Enter text from picture: Please how can get to the instruction page not working. Otherway it works fine The solution is simple: I need yor help.

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I also don’t know how to use them. Any mw of what I should do? It will not go to the home screen. Yes No noodimohd said: How much hours dose a mp4 want to get fully charged?



Can you Please assist i have installed all drivers and followed your instruction even than i am not detting any message in Log Window. Here’s the wierd thing, and I’ve owned several of these things: More information about text formats.

Notify me when new comments are posted. Where on web can I find it? I have one type of those chinese PMP. Please marshao link to lonelydre4m3r yahoo. Skip to main content.

Two set of chipset written on the board, what to choose? Can anybody help me? Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. How i can flash and upgrade its firmware and where??????

Was this answer helpful? I just got a new blackberry curve.

I accidentally default setting and all games deleted Can someone please help me how to do that? So what am I suppose to download v5 or v4? The device just won’t play anything. Mine is a grand classic gcl PSP. Visitors to this page also searched for:. I’ll be glad if I can help you. I have a kingneed MP4 With this Id: The following questions have been merged into this one.


And I was wondering if you got any response to your question.

What would you like to ask? Should this 2v7 the case, I suggest that you call your bank or email them to know what the real problem is.