Vista will load it and recognize your RAID array. This all went fine. I selected the first one to load the OS to. No, it is because different measurements. I never knew HDD manufacturer don’t use to calculate the actual size.

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Now I can’t get platiunm drive recognised on the Promise Raid controller, after the Bios post it just states “No array is defined” and when going into the setup, it can’t find any drives. I will then backup everything I need, wipe the drives and move to 9.

Page 3 of 3. They are in fact two separate controllers.

Did I do this wrong? Quadrifoglio Verde on February, As for the memory, I have the two modules right next to each other Only that formatting the hard drive doesnt erase rald was written to it. I personally think it’s a memory SPD programming matter, but that’s just guessing on my part.


Because something is new, it doesn’t mean it can’t be broken. If it works, delete the array and power down your system. Then when I restarted, it says critical and can’t locate the second drive, but it shows up in the list of definable drives.

K9A2 Platinum & Promise T3 Windows 7 Raid Drivers

I never knew HDD manufacturer don’t use to calculate the actual size. If you want real improvement, you should either go for 4 drives in RAID-0 not recommended, because the risk of losing data when one drive fails is too big or you should go for a RAID setup using a real PCI Raid controller with it’s own cpu and memory. On my system I originally connected my two Seagate drives to the SB Still running single channel?

Just to make sure: Find More Posts by archtoad6.

I’ve run plenty of installs and plenty of reboots and all is well. Still curious, is your problems with the 64bit division function. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.


It’s a Nitrox Coba: Please login or register. As for the Promise, have you tried the board outside the case?

I should have looked at your board’s specs before posting about RAID My computer spec is: Although no longer a current problem, I k9a22 mind knowing what would cause this for future occasions. Sorry, I forgot to mention: Find More Posts by porchrat.

K9A2 Platinum Memory/RAID config Prob.

As far as the drives, no, I did not run any tests on them because they are both brand new. Welcome 1st, welcome to LQ. St Petersburg, Florida Distribution: Thanks, Quad, that makes sense. Last edited by viron; pkatinum I used a ubuntu LiveCD 6. In Windows explorer, I see one C drive.