Companies holding general permits for electronic communications networks and services in accordance with Art. With regard to this last aspect, the following modes of band aggregation are available:. The Bitstream service has a price structure that can make the costs sustained by Operators variable. At the request of the Operator, TIM can also provide transmission connections between the location of the delivery node and the Operator’s location. This structure is based on the following key elements:.

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The current model has thus a relatively long history. In this case the backhaul portion therefore comprises a portion of transport between different nodes in TIM’s network. The prices for the supply of the service and the relative additional services are governed by the Italian Communications Authority AGCom and are set out in the specific Reference Offer.

Who can use the service? The offer is intended for Operators holding individual licences or general permits for telecommunications networks and services offered to the public, already in existence when Italian Legislative Decree no.

If an Operator intends to apply to Wholesale TIM for supply ethednet interconnect connections, it must first subscribe to the Interconnect Flow package. The optical fiber Termination Segment service is not offered if: For more technical-sales information on this service, please contact your Account Manager. The locations of the end customers are connected to the TIM broad band network through access lines that are able to carry broad band services.

Presentaion by AGCOM

The service includes both the qualification of the Optical Fiber of the Termination Segment, in terms of compliance and compatibility for the supply of FTTH services and the maintenance of the same. This Community Catalog News Proposal. In this case the length of the backhaul is practically zero, in that the point of interconnection is in the same location as the DSLAM.


Two types of broadband network are available for these services: The transmission speed to be associated eternet each line is decided by the Operator, who can choose from a wide range of speeds.

Telecom Italia S.p.A. – National Wholesale Services

Fibre optic access lines are always of the ethernrt type and are based on SDH technology. In the case of symmetrical accesses, the supply of the modem at the end user’s premises is optional.

The service is aimed at Ethenret who intend to offer their end users an Super-fast Broadband access service and who, through an optical fiber network, reach the base of a building that TIM has cabled with Optical Fiber. The Bitstream service has a price structure that can make the costs sustained by Operators variable. Regulatory Conditions The service is aimed at: The Fiber supplied within the proposed service can either be to serve a Customer who is already connected and active migration or it must be set up to serve a Customer who needs to be connected and activated.

Operators can use this configuration to choose the type of transport to be used on the network afcom the DSLAM to the delivery point and the related transmission capacity band. The length of this portion may vary considerably, depending on the type of service selected by the Operator. In the case of asymmetrical accesses, the supply of the splitter at the end user’s premises is optional.


Maintenance operations on FOTS can be requested by the Operator using a self-ticketing system, by accessing the reserved section of the Wholesale’s Internet Portal.

This structure is based on the following key elements: Sitemap – Privacy – Legal notes – Website info. For this purpose, the following options are possible:. If you are not a Customer yet, click here and enter your data. The main price list items are as follows: Ethernet Bitstream reference architecture The access portion refers to connection between the end customer’s location and the relevant TIM exchange, where there is qgcom device typically a DSLAM – Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexerthat multiplies the flows of data generated by several end customers and prepares them for packet efhernet transport to the Operator’s network.

Information on geographical coverage is updated every week. Geographical coverage by Bitstream services depends on the TIM network that the Operator intends to use: The maximum usable speed depends on the length attenuation of the physical line that connects the end customer’s location to the appropriate TIM exchange.

Depending on their characteristics, Operators can personalise the services offered to their customers. Without the management of active services, inert. Interconnect to the Parent node. The detailed characteristics of the two configurations, as well as the classes of service that can be used for the backhaul band, depend on the platform used to set up the service, ATM or Ethernet.